San Francisco Subway System Hacked

San Francisco Subway
San Francisco Subway

📩 22/11/2021 23:16

The transportation network system of the US city of San Francisco, also known for its nostalgic trams familiar as the Cable Car, was hacked yesterday. With the hacking of the ticket system, passengers traveled without paying.

Computers in the city's transport network, including the station, were disabled with a message from the attackers appearing on the screens. ! Hacked on screens! All data is encrypted. Your contact for the key: Anahtar appeared.

After the incident, San Francisco officials announced that after contacting the hacker, the hacker had contracted with MUNI to restore subway services. However, this deal was put on hold due to high wage demands.

Calling himself "Andy Saolis", the hacker requested 100 Bitcoin, or about $ 73.000, in another email to remove malware. Payment systems and computers on the station only work, as engineers at MUNI are attacked and try to remove malware.

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