Samsun's second local trolley reached the city

📩 12/12/2018 18:32

Samsun's second local tramway reached the city: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality tram-line of the second stage of the construction of the Gar-Tekkeköy Samulaş Inc. to be operated by the second 8 units of the second tramway reached Samsun.

Domestic tram manufacturer Durmazlar The local tram produced in the Bursa facilities of Makina A.Ş. came to Samsun with a special truck after the journey which lasted approximately 36 hours. The tram with a capacity of approximately 33 meters and the passenger capacity of 330 will be lowered to the rails by SAMULAŞ technical team.

Following the completion of the tests of the Panoramic, which was put on the tracks, it is planned to start carrying passengers within a week. A total of 23 trams will serve between OMÜ Tekkeköy with the introduction of the new local tram. The number will increase to 6 with the arrival of 29 trams in the coming months.

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