Real Estate Investment Funds

Real Estate Investment Funds

Real Estate Investment Funds (GYF) will bring a brand new opening to the logistics sector.

Omurga Portfolio's Investment Director Ilhami Akkum made important statements regarding Real Estate Investment Funds (GYF). As abroad by GYF voicing examine the logistics distribution centers to be used in a more active way in Turkey Akkum of contract logistics, he said that the most reliable partners with the housing sector in terms of return adjusted to the tenant at risk. Akkum said, “Funding large-scale infrastructure and superstructure projects is one of the most challenging issues for both public finances and private sector financiers. We attach great importance to the evaluation of very large scale logistics center projects being developed by TCDD. ”

Logistics potential on the rise

Pointing out that logistics distribution centers are a very important investment tool in the global real estate investment sector, Akkum continued as follows: “The global commercial real estate investment volume including logistics distribution centers is around 600 billion dollars. Directing even one percent of this volume to our country can have many positive effects. In our country, which is a regional logistics base, the contract logistics business volume is constantly increasing simultaneously with international traffic. E-commerce transactions increase more than half of the previous year every year. The creation of GYF, which will securitize TCDD Logistics Centers, which are state-sponsored and guaranteed investments, will create new opportunities by combining dynamics in both real estate and contract logistics. We believe that this potential will have a dynamo effect for GRFs. ”

Regulatory requirement

Stating that TCDD plans to build logistics centers primarily at 20 points where the load carrying potential is intense in connection with organized industrial zones, Akkum said, “Here, container loading and unloading and stock areas, truck parks, bonded areas, offices, maintenance-repair facilities, fuel stations and train There will be ways of constitution, acceptance and referral. These centers are Samsun, Uşak, Denizli, Köseköy, HalkalıWas put into operation in Eskişehir and Balıkesir. Construction work continues in Bozüyük, Mardin, Erzurum, Mersin, Kahramanmaraş and İzmir. We should not miss the opportunity to include centers opened to operation within the framework of the CMB legislation within the scope of GRFs.

Logistics sector investments of GYF in the world

Managed by North America's Everstone Capital and Realterm Global, IndoSpace funds invest in industrial and logistics facilities in India. The total size of IndoSpace I and II closed funds is $ 584 million.

The Real Estate, an international investor, manages a billion-dollar fund portfolio from the headquarters in Frankfurt.

FIBRA Macquarie is Mexico's investment portfolio predominantly industrial properties. It receives regular and continuous returns from more than 270 real estate in Mexico.

Global Logistic Properties Limited has approximately 52 million square meters of closed logistics area in its portfolio in China, Japan, Brazil and USA. More than 118 thousand users in 4 cities benefit from these facilities.



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