Railway Move from Bektaşoğludan

📩 13/12/2018 18:29

Bektaşoğludan Railway Move: CHP Giresun Deputy Bülent Bektaşoğlu, the railway line from Erzincan Torul-Tirebolu over the coastal towns wanted to connect to Trabzon. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, Trabzon 'until the year of 2023 railway to your province' reminding reminders Bektaşoğlu, "where the railway will start, where the route will pass through the connection line and which provinces and districts would like to know the end to reach the point," he said.

Bektaşoğlu, who asked the Grand National Assembly to give a written question to the Parliament on the matter, asked the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım to respond, and that the project of the railway project to the Black Sea, which lasted for 150 years and that Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk described it as 'my dream', stated that President Erdoğan, Ahmet Davutoglu also promised that the railway line, according to scientific studies based on the earlier scientific studies on the Black Sea coast and Erzincan-Torul-Tirebolu land will come down to the two provinces of Trabzon through the districts said there will be information in the form of information.

Bektaşoğlu stated that, if the railway route is from the coast, a relationship will be established between the regions and that more population will be provided for development and development.

CHP deputy Bektaşoğlu, Yıldırım asked the following questions:

1-2023 is a project that will be completed or will start in relation to the railway, your government, the relevant ministry; Are there any concrete projects whose preparations have been completed, their sources have been described and the investment program is likely to be taken?

2- According to the statement made by you, the target route of this project will end in Trabzon. What other details and information do you explain and what is important? For example, in which provinces and districts will the connection to the Black Sea be made?

The transportation of the 3-railway route from Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Torul-Tirebolu-Görele-Eynesil-Beşikdüzü-Vakfıkebir-Akçaabat and Çarşıbaşı to Trabzon will make this project more meaningful and the intended service will be used by a wider audience and not only contribute to transportation. is it known that it will provide economic-social development, development and employment in more areas?

If the 4-East and Southeast are connected to the Black Sea by rail, the GAP products in this region will be transported to Europe with the shortest way by sea. In this case, the ports of Giresun and Tirebolu, which are still idle, will increase and the volume of business and transaction will increase. will contribute. Isn't this an important reason for determining the route?

5-Railway from Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Torul to the Black Sea, starting from the town of Tirebolu Giresun; Was the project in the form of reaching to Trabzon?

6- It is known that railway transportation is one of the most important services providing regional development. If only the 'rail transportation to Trabzon', the province and other neighboring provinces' districts are not intended to benefit from these transportation services, do you have any work on what will be the economic losses this will cause?

In order to make a choice on the 7-Torul-Maçka-Trabzon, Torul-Tirebolu-Trabzon options, which exchanges did you make with the local universities, rooms, exchanges, NGOs and other community organizations to determine the correct route? What do the local people's demands and demands mean to you?

8-If only you have the target of 'Trabzon to rail', will it not create a perception that there is discrimination among those living in the same area and that only one center has a policy towards development and development?

9- A railway network that will reach to Giresun and Erzincan via Erzincan will be connected to East and Southeast, İçanadolu and Eastern Black Sea, as well as the countries in the geographies of these regions. Do you think it will be possible to cooperate with Iran, Mediterranean, Asia, Middle East and other countries on economic, social, cultural and tourism issues? Will you be aware that this project is so important and will you make your route preference accordingly?

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