Police Detour Ray Thieves

📩 13/12/2018 18:28

Police Reduce Ray Thieves: Police, disguised as municipal workers, caught 5 suspects red-handed after the continuous theft of rail parts used as barriers on the high-speed train line in Konya.

Konya Meram District Police Department Crime Prevention and Investigation Bureau teams reached the information that the construction of the Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train line in the central Meram district Alakova District was stolen, even the rails inside the concrete molds previously considered as barriers.

Police teams investigating the area determined that the thieves who came from time to time stole the rail parts attached to the concrete blocks using sledgehammers and similar materials. The police disguised as a municipality worker with a bucket belonging to the Meram Municipality and approached the suspects yesterday in order to catch the thieves. 5 people who wanted to smash the concrete blocks with their sledgehammers and take the rails inside were caught red-handed before they could understand what was happening.

Approximately a thousand pounds worth of 30 taken into custody about the suspects were taken to the Meram District Police Department to be taken statements.

6 sledgehammer, 3 iron chisel and 1 cuts were found in the search on the scene and in the van. Some of the suspects were seized with some heroin.

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