Train Crash in New Jersey

📩 12/12/2018 18:31

Train Accident in New Jersey Scandal: It turned out that in the United States, New Jersey, on September 29, there was a severe sleep apnea disorder of mechanic Thomas Gallagher regarding the train accident, which resulted in the death of one person and the injury of 108 people.

Mechanic Thomas Gallagher's lawyer Jack Arseneault told the CBS broadcaster of the United States that he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in a private checkup I had set up for my post-crash client. The results of the checkup were forwarded to the U.S. National Transport Safety Board on October 31, he said.

Arseneault stated that his client Thomas last remembered about the accident was the train whistle and ringing when he approached Hoboken station in New Jersey at a speed of 16 16 kilometers per hour. said.

Jack Arseneault also noted that his client, Thomas Gallagher, was subjected to a health check last July by NJ Transit, a company operating the train lines in New Jersey, and was approved by the company to continue his machinist duty.

In the review report published by NTSB on October 13, it was emphasized that the brakes of the train in question were in operation during the accident and the train increased from 38 kilometers an hour to 12,8 kilometers an hour 33,8 seconds before entering the station. It was also stated in the report that Gallagher was trying to brake the car a second before the train hit the platform waiting for passengers at Hoboken station.

Mechanic Thomas Gallagher told the authorities after the accident that he could not remember the event and found himself lying on the train after the accident.

Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, 29, Brazilian, died, because the train crashed on the platform awaiting passengers at Hoboken station on September 34 in New Jersey, USA.

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