New Ankara YHT Station Stands Dolup Citizens Delighted

New Ankara YHT Station Stops Dolup Citizens Satisfied: New Ankara YHT Station young, old, student, officer brought together from all walks. Citizens gave full service to the giant service
Scheduled flights started at Ankara YHT Station opened by President Erdoğan. Passengers who came to Ankara YHT Station, which enriched the capital's architecture, said they were satisfied with the service provided. "Ankaralılar for YHT station located between the world's largest projects," This station is the clearest indication that the end of an era in Turkey, "he said. Citizens are also pleased that the new Train Station, which was built without touching the historic Ankara Station, will be connected to the Ankaray, Başkentray and Keçiören subways by transfer.
His childhood friends, M. Ali Bozkurt (18) and M. Can Batak (18), who will come to see the new station and experience the high-speed train for the first time, also said that this giant project will quickly finish the aspirations and close the expats. Ali Bozkurt said, “I came from Kahramanmaraş to study university. I am a student at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine. I have never used a high speed train before. I used to come to the high fare by bus, it was wearing me as a student and was a waste of time. After the implementation of this system, I met my family, they come to see me every weekend. The fact that our President told Maraş that a high-speed train would be built at the end of 2018 was overwhelmed with us. Studentism is now very easy, and the aspirations will be completed quickly. ” Can Batak said, “We are two childhood friends, we did not leave all these years, we left with the university for the first time, but I regained my childhood friend with high-speed trains. As we get bored, we will come to see each other, with a low fee, long distance travel is awesome. I will go and travel wherever the high-speed train I will use as a domestic tourism ”. Himmat Koman (70) is "This is the clearest indication that the station closes an era in Turkey," he said. Koman said, “I was very curious, I came to visit, I have been traveling here for about 3 hours. My wife had a ticket to eat in Konya when she came, we will go to Konya for dinner. ”
The station, which was built by TCDD for the first time with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and completed in 2 years, will be operated by Ankara Train Station Enterprise (ATG) for 19 years and 7 months and will be transferred to TCDD by 2036. Garda has 134 hotel rooms, 12 leasable offices and 217 leasable commercial areas. The new station, which is constructed with the capacity of serving 50 thousand passengers per day and consists of a total of 8 floors, has 12 platforms and 3 railway lines and a shopping mall in the basement where 6 YHT sets can approach at the same time. In the new train station, a total of 1 ticket sales points, 27 work offices and 28 disabled parking lots were allocated, 2 for the disabled.
Students, the largest audience using high-speed trains, also gave the new garage full marks. Cansu Uğurlu (19), who lives in Ankara but goes to Konya for university education, said, "If I miss my safer, little family, I jump on the train and sip my mother's soup in an hour." Yurdagül Kılıç (19) said, "Gar has been awesome, we can find everything we want."
The new station also includes a counseling, meeting room, staff rest room, dining hall, waiting room, left-luggage unit, kitchen and warehouse unit, technical room, material and cleaning room, dispatcher room, control room and guard room. On the other hand, there are commercial units such as work offices, shops and cafes belonging to TCDD on the first floor, while 1-floor hotel, fastfood units, commercial areas and 2 meeting rooms are offered on the 38nd floor. The station has a total parking capacity of 2 vehicles, 1850 of which are closed and 60 of which is open.

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