Metrobus paralyzed naked citizen traffic


📩 11/06/2019 10:34

Naked citizens paralyzed traffic on the Metrobus road: Avcılar entering the Metrobus Road on the E-5 road and attempted to commit suicide. The party was alleged to be a drug addict is off the road to traffic for a while jumping naked in front of a speeding metrobus. The kicking of a few angry people to the person who wanted to die caused the reaction of those around.

Bare citizen paralyzed traffic on metrobus road

Naked citizens entering the metrobus route in Istanbul Avcilar drew the reaction of the citizens when the traffic was blocked. Few people got angry when the traffic stopped on the Metrobus and E-5 road, kicking the person who blocked the bare naked metrobus. It was alleged that the person in question was a drug addict and had chosen this way to commit suicide. The kick attack against the person who wanted to commit suicide caused reactions.


Citizens descend from the BRT reacted to the naked person. One of the citizens approached near the naked citizen kicked and the people around him reacted


A person lying in front of the metrobus shocked the citizens by jumping on the naked metrobus road in Avcılar. A citizen who came to the person who survived with the stop of the Metrobus at the last moment threw a flying kick to the naked person.
Avcılar Şükrübey metrobus stop near the incident occurred in an unidentified person, strayed bare metrobus jumped his way. The incident shocked the citizens of the surrounding area was reflected in the mobile phone cameras.


In the images reflected on the cameras, a person suddenly jumps on the Metrobus road. The person who causes interesting moments lies in front of the naked metrobus. At that moment, two metrobus are on the way.
Citizen citizens are reacting to the naked person. One of the citizens approaching the same person naked, kicking the person. The mysterious person who had difficulty with the help of the attackers then escaped the vehicles and lost his trail.

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