Metrobus tactics from specialized travelers

Metrobus tactics from specializing passengers: The 'specialization' period has now started for the density of the metrobus, which is the thesis topic of a group of university students last week. Citizens have even started working on mathematical methods to get on the metrobus and sit, if possible.
Metrobus, which is on its own road in Istanbul's inexorable traffic, is now the most popular public transportation vehicle. So much so that besides being a thesis topic for universities, its reputation has spread abroad. The model is being examined as a means of public transportation to the Middle East and African countries, IETT even provides consultancy on this issue. Starting from Beylikdüzü and extending to Sogutlucesme, this 44-kilometer and 52-kilometer line connects the two ends of the city. The system, which makes Istanbul's life easier because it has no traffic, gives nightmares during travel. It is almost impossible to sit in the metrobus, which carries about 1 million passengers a day. It is even a great chance to get on the metrobus at some stops. So what are the formulas of getting on the metrobus or sitting in a possibility? Here are the metrobus tactics where the only person with a guarantee of sitting in the metrobus is a driver ...
This method, which is already instinctively applied by the passengers, is one of the moments where we are most intertwined with geometry and mathematics. The 18 meter-long metrobus has four doors, one in the front and one in the middle. This means a door at an average of four meters. Calculate exactly where the bus is stationary at the stop and stop at the front door of the metrobus or four, eight and twelve meters respectively. The 4 + 4 + 4 system always works. Now in high school, acak What will I use for you acak math problems that you have come to the rescue!
If you've hung out those lessons and you can't bring the door together, don't worry. After finding the distance between the metrobus and the stop, take the road from the station and deviate from the sides of the crowd in this environment where no one knows what the queue is. Also, holding onto the door when you are riding allows you to dispose of the passengers on your side.

Most of us met the slow people who evaluated the pluses and cons of the seats with the uncle who came to get the land after getting on the metrobus. This situation at the beginning of the most fights are already the case. You don't become one of them. It is an average hour of social status to sit on the Metrobust seat because it is the VIP section of the metrobus. Therefore, it is important that you do not sit in the seat or sit. According to the door you bring the decision of the decision on the vehicle before you get to the average ten seconds to fill the advantage of the metrobus.
Metrobus is the only place where everyone is equal without regard to income and location. This means of transport is completely unfavorable to the logic of collective action which has the largest share in the existence of humanity. Everyone is struggling to live a pathetic life alone. Mercy in the metrobüste leaves you standing.
One of the common mistakes is to wait in front of the door after boarding the metrobus. Accumulation in front of the door prevents the landing-boarding increases the risk of fighting. Considering the low amount of oxygen per capita, take a look at the bellows as the BRT comes. If it's empty, head right there. Kırkpınar wrestling in front of the door so that it is not hard to get down, you can read even your newspaper in the bellows, which is almost a parallel universe for metrobus.
From the moment the doors opened until the moment they come out of women with no kindness, this unfair competition has reached an ingenious solution to eliminate: bag throwing. If you want to create a chance to sit among the men who are wrestling with each other, you can take your bag to the first seat you take after you step into the metrobus, just like a shot, then you can sit on the seat.
Passenger population is dense every hour of the day at every stop along the Metrobus line. So the tools are packed until they come to you. The method of dealing with it is to avoid traveling during peak hours or to go to the first stops. If you're close to the first stops, you can chase a few vehicles by going forward or backward.

Most of us have witnessed the psychological pressures of people who can not be counted as middle-aged people on the metrobus. Of course, as in all modern societies, as a responsible citizen, you need to include the sick, elderly, children, pregnant or veterans. But apart from these passengers, you have to deal with people who put pressure on you from the neighborhood. Sitting on the Metrobus kazanIt means to lose, but the real battle seat is given to keep it. When you encounter such a situation, turn off your perceptions and give the message "I don't see you".

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