Citizens closed the stop E-5e metrobus stop

📩 12/12/2018 18:19

When the Metrobus stop was closed, citizens landed on the E-5: Citizens who found the cure crossing the road from the E-5 had fearful moments. Traffic cops stopped the traffic of the vehicles from time to time and enabled citizens to pass through E-5.

After the defa intensity bu, which came to the fore in Istanbul Zeytinburnu, the authorities temporarily closed the metrobus stop.

But this time similar images were mounted on the lenses in Merter next stop. Due to the temporary closure of the Zeytinburnu stop, there was a density in Merter. Citizens who crossed the road from E-5 caused dangerous moments.

Due to the temporary closure of Zeytinburnu metrobus stop for 15 days, there was a density at the Merter metrobus stop. Citizens waiting to descend to the Metrobus stop and the stop of the minute due to the intensity of the citizens were found to cross the E-5 highway. A large number of police teams were sent to the Merter station upon the creation of dangerous images by the citizens.

The police teams stopped at the station, stopping the traffic from the E-5 Highway in a safe and controlled way. Density continues in the region.

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