Denizli Cable Car Becomes New Address for Adventure Enthusiasts

Denizli Teleferik became the new address for the Adventure Enthusiasts: The climbing and jumping tower established in Denizli cable car and Bağbaşı Plateau became the favorite place for adventure enthusiasts.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's cable car line opened last year and Bağbaşı Plateau has become a new place for citizens in Denizli. With the facilities such as bungalow house, yörük tent restaurant and picnic area, the cable car line which serves thousands of visitors and the newly built Power fan called l New Power Fan Bağ in the Bağbaşı Plateau, the 14 meter-long climbing and jumping tower is giving excitement to the adventurers.

The adventure track consisting of the 31 game and 32 platform, built in the woods next to the cable car and Bağbaşı Plateau, became the new address for adventure enthusiasts who want to have fun and do sports.

At the same time 31 people can do sports at the facility, which takes approximately an hour, the adventure is attracting the attention of enthusiasts. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan last year to serve the cable car and the Baghdad plateau showed great interest in the public and the city has a positive impact on social life, he said.

President Zolan, by signing another first for the people of Denizli, offers exciting new experiences with extremely high security measures for adventure lovers with the climbing and jumping tower. kazanWe have provided them with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable day and we are waiting for all our adventure-loving citizens who want to experience an unforgettable day.

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