Local Tram Panorama Started Serving to People of Samsun

The equivalent of the 2,3 tramway imported from abroad for million euros Durmazlar The company has produced 1,6 million euros for Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, thus ensuring that 700 thousand euros remain in the country.

Producing the first local tram in Bursa Durmazlar has produced a tram for 2 meter 65 centimeter wide and 32 meter long for Samsun.

Panorama tram manufacturer Durmazlar Machinery Rail Systems General Manager Abdullah Bocan, said in a statement, the tram was designed and produced entirely by Turkish engineers in European standards, software is also made by Turkish engineers, he said.

Durmazlar The Company prior to entering the sector, especially in Italy and Turkey Bocan, indicating that imports from China tram, 2,3 euros were imported tram we produce 1,6 euros. Thus, we contributed to both the employment and the reduction of the current account deficit, and our municipalities had the chance to buy better quality vehicles for less price. Therefore, our country won, he said.

Samsun, 7 will deliver more tram tram, said they will produce 12 tram for Kocaeli. Bocan, they think only of Turkey but not limited to the market, they are aiming to open abroad, he added.

Samsun Light Rail System (SAMULAŞ) General Manager Kadir Gürkan said that Panorama started to serve the people of Samsun.

Gurkan, we are very happy to serve the people of Samsun by local tram. The local tram has a spacious and spacious use of the corridor. The ramp is more spacious for the disabled. Shorter maintenance and repair time. The 21 of the 16 tram, which we served earlier, was Italian and the 5 was Chinese. On the opening of our new line, we bought the local tram at 8. Our first local tram arrived, we did the test and began to carry passengers. Vay

Gürkan pointed out that the local tram provided significant advantages compared to its counterparts from abroad.

Or There is an 10 exit door for the peers, while the native has 12 doors. This is an important feature for the evacuation of the passenger. With the camera system in the vehicle, passenger density can be monitored. Software for systemic changes that are taking place in Turkey easier. Apart from the local tram, there is no mirror like peers. Instead, it's a video camera system. In other words, our vehicle is both more comfortable and more technological and more profitable. Yani

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