Most identity and bank cards in Kayseri were forgotten

📩 12/12/2018 18:27

In Kayseri, ID cards and bank cards were forgotten: in Kayseri, the daily 120 used by thousands of passengers in Kayseray, citizens forget the ID cards and ID cards, forgetting to find among the forgotten items of literacy documents.

The tram, opened by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in 2009 and facilitating transportation within the city, carries 120 thousand passengers a day. Due to the density of passengers and citizens, a lot of trams are forgotten. While the citizens of Kayseri forget their ID, debit cards and promotional cards, the forgotten items include sunglasses, saddlebags, walking sticks, t-shirts, sweatpants, pharmacy bib, slippers, umbrellas, nasal spray.

Rail System Operations Manager Mehmet Burak Telcioğlu said that there is a Literacy Certificate among the forgotten items and said, “As of now, we carry 120 passengers per day. We have approximately 395 flights per day. During these voyages, items forgotten in rail system vehicles and stations arrive at our administrative building in the organized industry at the end of the day. After the necessary procedures are done here, the lost property is stored in our warehouse. In this regard, general information about lost items of the last 3 months can be followed on our website or mobile application. Then, when you find information about the item you lost, you can contact us and take the necessary actions about this item and get your lost item again ”.

Saying that walking sticks and live birds were forgotten among the forgotten items, Telcioğlu said, “Interesting things occur among the forgotten items. For example, we have a cane. A live bird was forgotten in recent years. As far as I remember, a PVC window was also found. Such interesting things are also forgotten. Our citizens can reach the power plant by calling 444 38 44 to reach their lost belongings. Our friends will provide the necessary assistance from the power plant ”.

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