Izmir Metro is being opened abroad

Izmir Metro is being opened abroad: Israelis, Tel Aviv subway line operation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of public transportation companies proposed Metro Inc.. After the talks in Berlin, the Israeli delegation came to Izmir and made a proposal to İzmir Metro A.Ş.
In the rail system public transportation service, İzmir Metro, which provides quality and satisfaction standards at the highest levels, is preparing to appear in the international arena. Upon request from Israel, Izmir Metro Inc., which has rolled up its arms for the operation of the total 34 kilometer metro line with 24 station, which is going to be gradually opened in the city of Tel Aviv, started an intense contact traffic with the Israel delegation on the subject. Kavim and Lesico, the leading public transport and construction companies in Israel, made an offer to Izmir Metro A.Ş. to carry out the operation of the new metro line to be opened in Tel Aviv.
The talks, which started in Berlin for the first time, continued in Izmir recently. Zeim Horen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kavim, and Leshman Reuvem Yariv and Gabriel Levy, the authorities of Lesico, came to the city and came to İzmir Metro A.Ş. After the meetings with the Chairman of the Board, Gül Şener, General Manager Sönmez Alev and other executives, he made observations at İzmir Metro and İZBAN enterprises and facilities. The delegation then served as Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Sirri Aydogan visited in his office.
The landmark for the Izmir subway
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Dr.Srr Aydogan said he was pleased to welcome foreign businessmen. Recalling that Israeli Consul General Shai Cohen visited Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in August, ğ Mr. Consul General said that they wanted to take advantage of the experiences of İzmir in this matter by giving information that a subway work was done in Tel Aviv. Mayor Kocaoglu also gave information to the Consul General about rail system investments in Izmir and stated that they could transfer their experiences about metro operation in cooperation with the project in Tel Aviv. Başkan Stating that İzmir is one of the most beautiful and tolerant cities of the world, Aydoğan said, en In this city, it is possible to come across a street, a mosque, a church and a synagogue. There is a large Jewish community in Izmir. We Turks and Israelis are very similar. The famous thought man Mevlana, 'who speak the same language, but those who share the same feelings can be understood' he says. We share the same feelings. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together peacefully and peacefully Um.
Israelis are very eager
Stating that the rapid development of Izmir's rail transportation systems is impressive, Kavim Chairman of the Board Zeev Horen reminded that Izmir and Tel Aviv are sister cities and said, Başkan Now we want to be the brother of this city, besides the sisterhood. Izmir Metro Inc. Interviews with us continue. In addition to the hospitality, a very professional team. If you have your approval, we would like to cooperate with Izmir, Sizin he said.
17 annual accumulation
Izmir Metro Inc. Sönmez Alev, the General Manager, noted that such cooperation excites them. Izmir Metro, rail system in terms of public transportation business is now known internationally in the sector and the 17 annual know-how to turn the value added to a business enterprise. Flame, the negotiations will continue, a team in Izmir in the coming days, Israel will go to the line of the operation will be examined and if the necessary conditions, the partnership will be established and entered into a tender.
A new company will be established
The first 8 kilometer of the Tel Aviv metro will be commissioned in 2019. 2021 8 26 34 ground 24 station with a total of XNUMX kilometers will start the operation of the metro line. In case of a positive result, preparations for commissioning, personnel training, technical preparations and operation services; in the name of the new company to be established jointly by three companies to the tender to be opened by the central administration; to be given by.

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  1. Excellent, very pleasing and erek BRAVO İZBAN İK, TREATMENT is very good news that makes us proud. BUT a little advice: if this union develops positively, İZBAN A.Ş. If the Telaviv Metro will be built and operated, it is a different and positive development from Izmir. Otherwise, the lack of toilet, which is not in Izmir and / or neglected by the lack of muscle in the planning, will be an infamous rush in the international arena.

  2. CORRECTION: Only IZBAN is given here. Of course, we mean both İZMİR-METRO and İZBAN.