İzmir Meryem Anaya Teleferikle 10

Izmir Meryem Anaya 10 cable car will be set in minutes: AK Party Izmir deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya, the public investment in the town of Selçuk told about and millions of pounds to be added to the district will change the fate of the Seljuk artifacts, he said. Kaya gave the good news that a new period will start in Selçuk with the investments made by the government.

The most important element of the Virgin Mary Nature Park Project, the work for the Teleferik Facility reminded the ongoing AK Party Izmir Deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya, cable car, boutique hotels and gift shops, including the completion of the project will develop tourism in Selçuk said. When the project is completed, it is possible to reach the Virgin Mary in Selcuk from the 10 in minutes with the cable car. The project to be applied here does not only end with the cable car. Within the framework of the development plan of the Virgin Mary Natural Park, walking path arrangement, entrance jewelery and viewing terraces are being built in the region.

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