Support for İZBAN strike is growing

📩 12/12/2018 18:26

Support for the İZBAN strike is growing: support for İZBAN workers, whose strike in 4 has been on the agenda for their rights in İzmir, continues to increase. KESK İzmir Branches Platform paid a visit to workers. BTS also announced that the workers are on their rightful strike.

Members of KESK İzmir Branches Platform gathered in front of Alsancak Station and walked to İZBAN workers with the slogans e Our right to strike together hakk, e Our right to strike, our collective bargaining weapon önünde. Speaking at the visit of All Bel Sen Izmir 1 Branch President Ulus Bozkır emphasized that there are serious attacks against labor in all sectors, he said:

, The way to overcome this and achieve gains is through unity and solidarity. We serve people in the same municipality, we fight against the same boss. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the press he gave you in the statement due to the balance of the country claims that the balance will be broken. We are in favor of changing this balance. We want the wind to turn to those who created the labor. We are with you in this strike, we will be in solidarity with you. Bu

SES Izmir Branch Co-President Rukiye Çakır stated that it is important for the workers to strike in spite of OHAL conditions and said OH This strike will be all of us and success will be all of us. Here we have big tasks. We should tell the people of Izmir this strike g.

BTS: We do not forget the betrayal of the strikers

The United Transport Employees Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK made a written statement and announced that it was with the İZBAN workers on strike. Remarking that TCDD is in an effort to break the strike by starting a voyage between Aliağa and Çiğli, “In addition to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality putting additional bus services, this attitude of TCDD has once again revealed its worker-worker enemy faces. Those who work on additional flights to break the strike of the İZBAN laborers should know that they betray the working class and that this betrayal will never be forgotten by the people of Izmir and all the workers. We state that no member of our union will strike. We call the TCDD and İZBAN management to take steps to meet the rightful demands of the employees immediately. ”

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