IDO Made Special Timetable Changes to Istanbul Marathon

ido increased the number of trips for today and tomorrow
ido increased the number of trips for today and tomorrow

IDO canceled ferry services due to the Vodafone 13th Istanbul Marathon to be held on Sunday, November 2016, 38, as vehicles cannot enter and exit Yenikapı and Sirkeci piers for a while, and added sea bus additional trips to prevent passenger grievances.

13 will be held on November Sunday at Vodafone 38. Due to the Istanbul Marathon, İDO, Yenikapı -Yalova take-off and ferry service to and from Sirkeci has been canceled due to the fact that vehicle entry and exit cannot be made to the Yenikapı and Sirkeci terminals between 08: 00 and 14: 00 hours. In this context, IDO also canceled the Harem-Sirkeci car ferry line flights until the time ended at 07: 30.

While IDO cancels the car and passenger transportation flights from Yenikapı, they have only added sea bus additional services for the passengers.

Canceled Fast Ferry Trips

07: 45 Yenikapı-Yalova

07: 45 Yalova-Yenikapı

09: 45 Yalova-Yenikapı

09: 45 Yenikapı-Yalova

11: 45 Yenikapı-Yalova

11: 45 Yalova-Yenikapı

13: 45 Yalova-Yenikapı

13: 45 Yenikapı-Yalova

Sea Bus Additional Schedules

07: 46 Yenikapı-Yalova

07: 46 Yalova-Yenikapı

09: 46 Yalova-Yenikapı

09: 46 Yenikapı-Yalova

11: 46 Yenikapı-Yalova

11: 46 Yalova-Yenikapı

13: 46 Yalova-Yenikapı

13: 46 Yenikapı-Yalova

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