Female mechanic working in Hasanbey Logistics Center

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Female mechanists working at Hasanbey Logistics Center: Female mechanists working at the Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center want to use all the machines they receive their badges. For the difficulties of the profession, they say, "This is the yeast of the job."

Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center, eight of the female mechanic to negotiate with five of us took the road to Eskişehir. Most five to six years, the most experienced seven-year mechanic. The mechanics, who tell them that they have difficulties but love their job, hopes that the number of colleagues will increase.

What kind of training do you need to be a mechanic?

Seçil Ölmez: We graduated from Rail Systems High School. We graduated from the Rail Systems Department at Anadolu University, Vocational School of Transport.

Nisa Çötok Arslan: You start with KPSS as a machinist, but you continue to receive training throughout your business life. Getting a new machine, we're trying to get that machine's boss. Even our brothers who are about to retire continue to buy new bröve.

How's your day?

Kübra Köstel: We perform maneuvering and reserve duties. We use machines, we do those things if they're taken to the factory. We make daily maneuvers inside the station. We leave the repaired wagons and leave them ready to go.

Who are you among the long-distance?

Nisa Ç.A .: All of us can go, we have bail. We have gone but we can't go because the conditions are not enough. The number of trains has decreased since the studies are continuing. Pamukkale to Afyon and to İzmir Blue to Ankara. Both work at night; there is no place to stay when we go there. I was coming to Eskişehir when I was working on the expressions, returning the next day or night. Our guest house was suitable to stay. Again, there were daily Adapazari expressions from Haydarpaşa. The dormitory there was very convenient.

Sevilay Köseoğlu: I am going to Eskişehir-Afyon as a generator officer. One night when I went to the Afyon dormitory, they were surprised that "Are you a staff member?" In fact, there is no separate female dormitory. Dormitories are suitable for women, but people are not used to being women around.

Nisa Ç.A .: We will be able to overcome all this with the increase in our number. In fact the dormitories were enough to leave us a room even.

”Our dream is fast train machine hızlı

How did you get any reactions?

Kübra K .: Eskişehir is very accustomed to women but they are very surprised that women are not working in other regions. Even the train chiefs couldn't believe we were staff when they first saw us. The passengers were much more surprised when they were in the institution.
Nisa Ç.A .: When we were on the road, we were getting very strange reactions from the passengers. But they get used to it.

If I ask your dreams…

Seçil Ö: The place where you can climb the most is the headmaster. He needs an experience. We've got a high-speed train mechanic right now. As long as the terms give, we'd like to go there. We're a mechanic, we'd like to use all the machines we've got a license for.

It's hard work, isn't it? Requires power, dust, oil too much.

Funda Akar: There is no job that cannot be done. Of course we had a hard time. When I started working in Ankara, I was the only woman. Then people were not accustomed to the words, "This girl is a mechanic?", "Can you use the train, could I?" I was depressed, but I loved doing it, I do.

Sevilay K: As I received his training, I liked it and read it as a mechanic. Those hands will be greased, dusted. That's the yeast.

Yıldırım We got a job through Binali Yıldırım “

You are a very young group.

Seçil Ö .: I am one of the first graduates of Rail Systems High School. I was in the classroom. Then the number of girls increased, but the 30 personality class did not exceed five. My father, my uncle, my grandfather was a bit of a railroad, all of them. I was forced to first year, but I didn't give up, I finished school. Many of my friends here at the moment are very good. As soon as they finished, I did the job, I was the only one for being a woman. That was a very tiring year. We went to talk to the ministry together with our school principal, then the Minister of Transport was Binali Yildirim. Thanks to him at the 2009 began the reception of the woman, which opened.

Nisa Ç.A .: We were hired as a result of Seçil's engagement.

Sevilay K .: We entered the appointment. Staff have been recruited through Iskur for nearly a year. This is the condition of being a man and military service. This is a problem for both men and women who are studying the rail system.

“We continue to exist from masculinity“

How did your family comment?

Kübra K .: He encouraged my family. My father and I preferred. I cried when I first learned the result. Seçil was a senior and she was the only girl in the class. He was a great fear for me. It starts with such difficulties, but then you see that you can do the job, you love it. After me, a lot of people around me have written to the rail system section.

Nisa Ç.A .: Starting with high school, our families get used to and adopt. But I've heard reactions from the immediate environment like, tep Is this girl going to train now? Bu.

Black trousers and shirts and formal suits. You're all well-groomed, make-up.

Funda A .: We're eight women here, trying to help each other. The more crowded, the better.

Nisa Ç.A .: We are women and we continue to exist as women without being male. That's why we're trying to do that.

Are your friends in general?

Seçil Ö .: Our high school friends then became colleagues. Usually our social life is from this environment.

Nisa Ç.A .: My wife is a mechanic. Working with a variable shift system is already difficult. I'm a mechanic because I'm extra hard. We can meet for four to five hours a day, and we don't see each other. But he understands, supports me.

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