Grevde insistence is an ordeal

📩 12/12/2018 18:21

Grevde insistence Izmir ordeal: the trains are not working due to the İZBAN strike disrupts transportation. AK Party Dogan, the Ministry's introduction of the serious wage growth was achieved, but the union rejected the proposal said

Bilal Doğan, Deputy Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council AK Party Group, said that the Ministry of Transport has stepped in to increase the salaries of İZBAN workers, but that the Railroad Union has not accepted the proposal to significantly improve the salary of more than 300 employees. Stating that the strike that started in İZBAN as of the previous day caused heavy traffic on vehicle roads, congestion views on ferry piers and bus stops, Doğan said, We hope that this process, which is happening, will end in peace as soon as possible. With the introduction of the Ministry of Transport in the last negotiations, it was decided to make a significant improvement in the salaries of more than 300 employees. Unfortunately, despite all this good intention of the İZBAN administration, the proposals were not accepted by the Railroad Union and no agreement could be reached. ” Dogan, according to many state institutions in Turkey is quite good conditions with the union's strike did not accept the offer of 15 percent of the time insisted he continued stating:

“We wish that this process that made our citizens victimized would be overcome with the least loss, and we call for everyone to put their hands on their conscience to ensure business peace. We invite the authorized union to review its decision once again, and wish them to do whatever it takes to get back to normal in our city. While we remind us that we are behind the struggle for rights, we hope to avoid actions that will make our citizens victimized and to be treated with prudence in this process. ” Hüseyin Ervüz, Head of the Branch of Railways-Business Union, who made a statement under the banner "There is a strike at this workplace" in front of the Alsancak Station İZBAN Station, said, "This process was managed very differently by the management of the Municipality and İZBAN. We would like to express to the people of Izmir that we are not the cause of this business. We are not the bad side of this business. ”

Izmir residents, who started the day with the strike at İZBAN on November 8 and thought what to do black and white, were more cautious on the second day of the strike. Citizens who were aware of the strike set off a little earlier than ever to go to schools and workplaces. Sit in Menemen, Çiğli, Karşıyaka, Bornova and Konak, many of those who prefer private cars or public transport to avoid being late for workplaces. As such, the traffic load in the city increased. School and workplace to go to the bus stop at the usual hour, the citizens created the density. There were also masses at the ferry piers and bus stops.

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