China is developing a magnetic train that can reach 600 per hour

China is developing a magnetic train that can reach 600 per hour: China, one of the world's leading countries in rail systems, is developing a new maglev (magnetic-levitation) train that can reach 600 miles per hour.
China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), one of the largest train manufacturers in the world, continues to develop trains that push the boundaries. CRRC recently announced that they are working on a new magnetic levitation (maglev) train by issuing a statement. This new maglev train, which can reach 600 kilometers per hour, will be the fastest train in the world.
According to the news of Smart Rail World, the CRRC, which is affiliated with the Chinese government, laid an approximately 5 kilometer long rail to test the new maglev train. The company is also continuing its preparations for another maglev train traveling at 200 kilometers per hour. CRCC manager Sun Bangcheng; He explained that their aim is to establish domestic technology in medium and high speed maglev trains and to make it the standard system for the new generation.
China has the world's largest high-speed rail rail system. The total length of this gigantic rail system, which the state has invested 538 billion dollars, has reached a thousand kilometers.
Thanks to the use of magnetic fields, maglev trains that travel without touching the rails can travel much faster than ordinary trains. Last year, a maglev train in Japan reached a speed of 603 kilometers per hour during testing. The train, which broke the world record in this field, will be commercially available in 2027.
The fastest train among the trains currently used is the maglev train in Shanghai. The train that goes between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the city center, speeds up to 429 kilometers per hour.
CRRC, which is also involved in the construction of Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway, is not only in China; He is also signing up for high speed train projects in different countries such as the UK, Australia, Iran, Mexico, Thailand and Russia.

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