Germany's Zero Emission Train Arrives on Coradia iLint Rails

Germany's Zero Emission Train Arrives on Coradia iLint Rails: One of the most important issues today is energy efficiency and clean energy. The first issue planned to be clean after the production is transportation. Within a very short period of time the emission of high-powered transportation vehicles will be replaced by low-emission vehicles.
In this transition period every day is a first. Germany reduced the world's first zero-emission train to the tracks.
Meet Coradia iLint, Germany's zero-emission train.

Coradia descended into the rails as the first example of iLint. This train operates on the principle of zero emissions and is powered by hydrogen.
There is already a perfectly functioning train network in Germany.

Approximately 4 diesel train sets serve millions of Europeans every day on the rails in Germany.
It's a beginning of a radical tradition.

The zero-emission Coradia iLint is seen as a starting point in the transformation of diesel trains, which are widely used in the rail network reaching all over Germany.
The speed of this train moving with zero emission hydrogen power is also quite satisfactory.

Coradia iLint can reach a speed of 140 km per hour, and with this speed it will work at a density of 800 km per day.
Other countries in Europe want to make similar investments.

Emissions-free train investments will be carried out by other European countries, which put environmentalist issues at the center of their agenda in the near future. Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.
The energy of the train actually comes from a familiar technology.

The energy of Coradia iLint comes from lithium-ion batteries. These batteries that power all our electronic devices fill the hydrogen tanks at the top of the train with energy and allow the train to move.
The train originally produced a French company, Alstom, which has activities almost all over the world.

“Alstom is proud of this groundbreaking innovation in clean transport,” said company's CEO, Henri Poupart-Lafarge. This train shows how we cooperate closely with our customers and that we can conclude such work in as little as two years. ” The words convey how great they have done.
Coradia iLint was first unveiled last August.

One of Europe's most important transportation fairs, InnoTrans 2016's most striking moment was the first time Coradia iLint met the industry.
This groundbreaking train's going on.

After the completion of the Coradia iLint tests, it will receive its first passengers in December 2017.
There are also rave reviews for the train.

Coradia iLint only emits water vapor as emissions. This causes criticism from some circles that the train is not zero emission.
We hope that the number of this kind of environmentally friendly public transportation vehicles will increase rapidly all over the world.

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  1. A wonderful vehicle, very beautiful, very elegant. The tara of ours is ours! BUT
    There is no such thing as "Zero Emission"! Not according to Nature-Theories either! Otherwise, this should be a post-tool based on a "Perpetum mobile" system, and such a thing has not yet been discovered in current Natural Sciences, nor has it gone beyond imagination. This is an obvious fact.
    In fact, these kinds of discourses can be emphasized in terms of advertising, many things that can be justified. In this way, acceptance will be accepted, understandable and true. BECAUSE the following questions need to be answered: yanıt What is the hydrogen used as fuel? What is the emission of energy used in its production? What about the production of the H2 production system for the production of energy generated by the Emission ya? What happened to them?
    As it is seen, according to Basic Physics Theory: “You cannot disappear, you cannot exist Fizik!