Gaziantepe Metro Construction Released

Approval for Gaziantepe Metro Construction: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, the public bus and minibus owners serving in Gaziantep, the Transport Master Plan in the meeting told about the approval of the construction of subway construction of Gaziantep.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin talked about the Transportation Master Plan at the meeting with the public bus and minibus owners in the Assembly Hall. Şahin said that they have taken the ring roads to be opened in the city into an emergency action plan. Providing information about the widening roads, Şahin stated that the gendarmerie road leading up to İnönü Street will continue the continuation of Şahinbey Municipality to Özdemirbey Street. Stating that this road will be an alternative to Ordu Street and will ease the transportation of the city, Şahin reminded that they built the 6-kilometer street in Karataş and noted that they will relieve university students with a bicycle road line. Stating that they will ease the traffic flow with the bicycle terminal, Şahin also pointed out that one of the most important issues of municipality is the environment and urbanism area. Stating that the need for housing has arisen with 416 thousand refugees coming to the city and that investment should be made accordingly, Şahin stated that they want to bring a new breath to the need for a new housing area with the Northern City Project. In addition, Şahin reminded that the housing investments in Aydınlar Mahallesi and Kızılhisar Mahallesi are continuing and stated that the Transportation Master Plan has been approved.

Stating that approval has been made for the construction of a metro in Gaziantep, Şahin stated that they carry three times as many passengers as Konya and that the need for metro is inevitable.

Stating that they want to make the metro line between the organized industry and the small industrial site, 25 km, Şahin emphasized that they aim to make a subway line from the Station Square to Akketn and the new Ibni Sina Hospital. Şahin said, “If we complete the Ankara dimension of this, we will connect one end of the city to the other. We will have made a very important investment for 2030-2040. ”


Stating that they are at the project stage to construct one bridge intersection in the boulevards such as Yamaçtepe, Özdemirbey and Halep Boulevard in Beykent, Cemetery Junction, next to Yeşilvadi Park on the airport road, Şahin said that they have taken the program to make 12 bridge intersections.


Hasan Kömürcü, Head of Metropolitan Transportation and Rail Systems Department, said that they had meetings and exchanged ideas with many professional chambers and NGOs within the framework of the city's main transportation plan. Kömürcü argued that the number of vehicles, which was around 2006 thousand in Gaziantep in 48, increased to 2016 thousand as of 180 and this also affected the transportation.

Stating that there are 120 intersections in Gaziantep, and left turns are prohibited in 12 of them, Kömürcü said that these intersections have no financial value. kazanstated that he did. He stated that they received the most criticism at the 25 December Hospital Junction, but there was a 55 percent improvement here. Kömürcü noted that the same improvement occurred in Gazi Muhtarpaşa Boulevard.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Minibus Room, Sofu Çolak and bus officials and stall representatives.

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