ESDAS Station-New Fair Area Monorail Project Started EIA Process

📩 12/12/2018 18:13

EIA Process Has Started in ESBAŞ Station-New Fairground Monorail Project: The Governorship of İzmir has initiated the evaluation process of the 2.2 kilometers long monorail project planned by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Gaziemir, between the ESBAŞ Station and the New Fairground, according to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulation. launched. At the end of the review, it will be explained whether an EIA is required for the monorail project.
The EIA process, which will be evaluated according to the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation, was approved by the Izmir Governorship and the Project Introduction File of the monorail project, which will provide transportation to Fair Izmir by rail system, by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. At the end of the examination and evaluation, it will be determined whether EIA is required for the project. If the EIA is not required, the Metropolitan Municipality will put out a monorail tender. If the EIA is required, an EIA application will be made to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
The monorail system will start from the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN and will reach the Fair Izmir by cutting off Akçay Street and sailing parallel to the Ring Road-Gaziemir Junction-Ring Road.
The monorail will be on the 2.2 mileage round-trip double-track route. It will provide uninterrupted transportation between İZBAN and the new fair area.

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