Edirne Tradesman Fast Train Ready

Edirne Tradesmen Ready for High Speed ​​Train: EDESOB President Emin İnağ said that he believes that there will be another tourism boom in Edirne with the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train Project.

Edirne Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (EDESOB), Emin İnağ, said that he believes that there will be another tourism boom in Edirne with the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train Project and Edirne artisans are also prepared for this.

EDESOB President Emin İnağ evaluated the High Speed ​​Train Project from the perspective of tradesmen. Emphasizing that almost all establishments have been accustomed to fast business traffic since Law No. 5179 was enacted, İnağ said that in addition to the tourism boom in Edirne, there will be another boom thanks to the High Speed ​​Train Project. Stating that the variety of trades will increase in addition to the potential of customers, İnağ expressed the following views:

“We heard about the High Speed ​​Train Project from our President in the latest news in the press. A confederation lunch was given by our prime minister at the Çankaya Mansion. We got one or two good news at this dinner. For example, one of them was very beautiful. Our Prime Minister said emphatically, "The state cannot trade". As you know, as the press, we have been struggling with the social facilities of public institutions for years. So the state finally noticed us, the unfair competition here. He is taking a measure about this. I am one of those who believe that the High Speed ​​Train Project will also be realized. This project will be of great benefit to Edirne.

When the high-speed train arrives, Edirne will be the backyard of Istanbul in terms of tourism. Already Istanbul, Çanakkale, İzmir, Bursa are coming. They're here on the weekend. He comes to Edirne, who jumps into his car. At least the pan comes to eat liver, visit our historical artifacts. He does not leave without visiting the Selimiye Mosque and its complex, which Mimar Sinan called "My masterpiece", which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, and Sarayiçi. With the effect of wars of terror, there has been a decrease in foreign tourism. It is a fact. Although domestic tourism decreases, it continues.

Mayor İnağ drew attention to the fact that tradesmen from outside of Edirne will also come to visit Edirne and said “The variety of trades will increase”. İnağ continued as follows:

“From the moment the high-speed train arrives, Edirne will experience another explosion. Our Edirne tradesmen are prepared for this right now. When Law No. 5179 was enacted, when a law that conforms to the criteria of the European Union was enacted, almost all of our institutions are used to this fast business traffic. Of course, what happens in the square where we live on the weekend, when the high-speed train arrives, the customer potential will definitely increase, but not only those who come to travel, but also tradesmen will come. Apart from Edirne, reinforcements will also come from Istanbul tradesmen. Because trade always seeks commercial grounds. Bread has no homeland. With the principle that wherever your stomach is full, tradesmen will come from Istanbul, various provinces and abroad, and the diversity of tradesmen will increase.

Our local managers will also take precautions. This is a matter of supply demand. As the customer increases, the physical space will be reinforced. These are the things that will be moved according to the coming of business. I think the investments will increase. There would be no trouble. Maybe it could be in the first place, but I think the trades will be moving, according to whoever's gone. Belki



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