e-RAIL project closing meeting held

The closing meeting of the e-RAIL project was held: The closing meeting of the (e-RAIL D vocational training project adopted by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus + Program of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) was held on Saturday in Izmir. At the closing meeting of the State Railways at the TCDD Cultural Complex in Alsancak, the road personnel who successfully completed the pilot trainings were given certificates in line with the e-RAIL Project.

Özdemir Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat, Vice President of Human Resources Department of TCDD Cüneyt Türkkuşu, TCDD 3. Regional Manager Selim Koçbay, Erzincan University Refahiye Vocational High School lecturers Mehmet Dalgakıran, Çiğdem Albayrak, Harun Akoğuz, Sedat Turan, Vossloh Fastening Systems participation Vossloh RAIL Technologies Ltd. Sti. Representatives Osman Aydogan, GCF representatives were Michele B SpA, Roberto Stella, Serhat trigger with GCF Turkey Branch Manager Serdar Erdem, Selim joined members of the age and on the road.
Supported single rail project
In the closing meeting of the project, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat explained that the e-RAIL project of YOLDER, which received 171 bin 641 Euro grant support, was the only project accepted by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus + Program between the 205 projects. Polat is responsible for developing a vocational training program based on qualifications for railway construction and maintenance personnel and for the creation of e-learning modules. also stated that there is only one railway project selected within the vocational training program.
Ozden Parker, told us this project, Turkey's further increasing the level of training of members working in construction across the road and they are aiming to adapt the high standards of our country in the European Union railways. In this project, two partners in the field of European Union are; Vossloh RAIL Technologies Ltd. Sti. With the railway from Turkey with GCF spa profession Erzincan University that performs one of the first distance education training he said they were trying to Refahiye Vocational High Okulu'yl.
Özden Polat stated that training modules were prepared within the scope of the e-RAIL project, which was implemented with EU funds for a period of two years, that e-learning materials were created, and that pilot studies were carried out and studies were carried out to deliver new approaches to national and international decision makers and policy makers. he said. Polat, "On-line training platform that will form the infrastructure of the project, as well as railway staff, as well as railway vocational high school and vocational high school students will benefit," he said.
160 The railway professions are defined for the first time in our annual history
Speaking at the closing meeting of the E-RAIL Project, TCDD 3. Regional Manager Selim Koçbay stated that for the first time in the history of 160, railway professions gained recognition in the universal scale and said amaç For this purpose, I congratulate YOLDER and its project partners who have succeeded in accomplishing and completing the e-RAIL Project. The e-learning method, which is a very valuable work and is the product of e-RAIL Project, will be a big step in meeting the needs of the rail systems sector with qualified, documented, direct participation in production, innovation and open to labor force. Çok
Railways that live in the reconstruction process, which crops out hatırtal, after a long break with Turkey's re-discussed state policy as railway investments eighth-speed train operation in the world, he said place. X In the beginning, especially in the construction and maintenance of high-speed train lines, many of the materials used in the work of foreign experts were materials supplied from abroad, hızlı said 3. Regional Manager Koçbay said:
Tedir Nowadays, many of the materials are supplied from domestic companies while the people of our country work in the construction and maintenance of the high speed train lines. While we train specialized human resources in the private sector, our company continues to invest in human resources that have contributed to all these efforts. We are aware of the fact that human resources are the basis of achieving the great transformation and sustainability of our railways. For this reason, our company makes all kinds of investments to raise qualified manpower with high knowledge, skills and work habits. Bu
The project combines vocational education with the sector
Cüneyt Türkkuşu, Vice President of TCDD Human Resources Department, gave a brief information about Erasmus + projects realized to European Union funds and presented a video demonstration. Today explaining that EU countries are among the largest grant received by the Swiss Türkkuşu his project, said that now Turkey has begun to take place in the middle on grant projects. The EU's 2014-2020 14,7 billion euros will support the grant between the years, describing Turkkusu, all the NGOs to benefit from this support and called on to do projects.
YOLDER e-RAIL project, using such a resource prepared by recording Cüneyt Türkkuşu, the project and the institutions that provide vocational training also meet the sector, he said. Türkkuşu gave the following information about the project's objectives:
Ası Developing the Vocational Training Program for Railway Construction and Maintenance Personnel and Building e-Learning Modules (e-RAIL) project to strengthen the cooperation between the vocational training and business world of railway construction personnel, increase the level of competence and skills of railway construction personnel, national and international standards and It was aimed to prepare vocational training program according to qualifications, to prepare online e-learning modules, to raise awareness on vocational training and certification of policy makers and employees, to complete professional qualification reforms at national level and to support modernization of education and training systems and to strengthen the international dimension of vocational education and training.
Pointing out that there is insufficient cooperation between the sector and vocational education in our country, Türkkuşu said that such projects are an important step in vocational education. Türkkuşu said, “We need intermediate staff, not good quality engineers. The e-RAIL project will also provide great support in the training of intermediate staff that we will need in vocational education, especially rail systems. ” Cüneyt Türkkuşu explains that four technical meetings were held during the project. http://www.e-rail.net He expressed that all kinds of technical details are ready on his site. In line with the project, Türkkuşu said that the Vocational Training Program that complies with the standards and qualifications for the Railway Construction and Maintenance Employees, the module contents suitable for the training program, e-learning materials and the online training platform infrastructure were prepared, and that the prepared training program and modules were verified by pilot courses.
400 slide created
Cuneyt Türkkuşu stated that the teaching modules were gathered under nine headings, and that the slides were prepared for 400 for these modules. The content on the web site will be sent to nearly four thousand students in rail systems as well as road personnel, but it should be expanded by employees in the sector. Cüneyt Türkuşu stated that a forum will be added to the system soon.
Training modules prepared in the e-Rail project, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality, Railway System Components, New Railway Construction, Rail Maintenance and Repair, Maintenance of Rail Shears, Use of Auxiliary Road Machines, Level Crossing and Installation, Rail Road Cleaning, Railway Road Material Storage.
We are happy to take part in the project
Erzincan University lecturer Çiğdem Albayrak, one of the project partners, made a short presentation introducing the university. Speaking about the works of the Vocational School of Rail Systems in Refahiye, Albayrak expressed that they were happy to be involved in such a project.
We had an innovative experience
In With this project, we have also experienced and experienced an innovative experience, ad said Michele Blardi, the Italian partner of the project, in a speech translated by Serhat Tetik. Michele Blardi said that the project is an important partner and said, proje This project gave us the opportunity to meet different systems and people in Europe. We hope that these programs and the world we live in Turkey railway nice improvements. It was a pleasure and pleasure for us to be involved in the project, Bizim he said.
It is very nice that the education can be done remotely
The project's German partner is Vossloh Rail Technologies Ltd. Sti. Osman Aydoğan, the representative of the company, said that their company is a giant company about rail fasteners. Companies of Erzincan in Turkey established that the material produced at the factory, voiced all around the rails used in the world. Aydoğan said that it is good to be able to provide the education by distance learning. “Due to this quality education, our staff will be more qualified. After that we are ready to give all kinds of support as a company, Bundan he said.
Certificates issued
At the end of the meeting, the training program developed under the e-RAIL Project and the 10 trainees received training in the pilot course where their modules were used. Receiving their certificates at the ceremony Orhan Oral, Kazim Aydin, Okan Ozdogramaci, Ilker Eski, Hulusi Sert, Ufuk Cankaya, Eyüp Can Karaarslan, Mehmet Kurtoglu, Ridvan High, Serkan Kayacık said they were happy to take part in the e-RAIL project.

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