The Event That Stunts the Artist

📩 12/12/2018 18:23

The Event That Stunned Çaturoğlu: Çaturoğlu, Sakarya-Zonguldak-Bartın Railway Project. We read this in the national press, we were very excited, but now I've looked at the projects of the railways in the presentation here or are being made, not in them.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications budget and budget committee on the 2017 budget Speaking AK Party Zonguldak deputy Faruk Çaturoğlu "Ereğli-Devrek road will finish in six hundred sixty days," he said.

Mr. Çaturoğlu said, Ç I especially wish the Minister superior success in his office. He also just came out of this Commission is also a source of pride for us. Bir He continued his speech by saying the following:


I would like to extend our thanks to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Filyos Port Project for the port of Filyos. one of their projects. Of course, it is very important to make the integration with the industrial zone, which will be built just behind our Filyos Port, in terms of transportation.


I would also like to thank one another for the rehabilitation of the Zonguldak-Karabuk railway line and for the completion of its signaling. However, there is, of course, a thank you as well as our citizens in Zonguldak-Karabük between the three and a half hours has been exceeded, this is done by making some studies to reduce that time Mr. Minister, I here to this request, I forward this request.


Another issue related to our railway is Sakarya-Zonguldak-Bartin Railway Project. We read this in the national press, we were very excited, but now I've looked at the projects of the railways in the presentation here or are being made, not in them. Minister, this railway is very important to us. Now, there is work in Karasu, Söğütlü. If we can connect it to Zonguldak and Bartın, this will also be a link between Istanbul and Filyos. At the moment Filyos'da 25 million tons of freight we carry a part of the railroad, but only through Ankara to reach Istanbul so there is a very long distance. If this line was done before, I was a district mayor in Zonguldak, they were processed in our plans. I hope that if the work on this issue is accelerated in many parts of our country from this modern railway lines in our region, both in terms of both cargo and passenger transport has been received.

Dear Minister, there are great works especially on highways in our Zonguldak. Just one of our brothers said, talked about our love. We had two ways of love. One is Ereğli-Zonguldak road, and one is Ereğli-Devrek road. The songs were composed, just as a friend said: "Let our love be like the Ereğli-Devrek road / Let our love be like the Ereğli-Zonguldak road, never end." But I thank you, both roads have superior and intense efforts right now. As a result of the efforts of both our General Manager İsmail Bey and his colleagues, one of them will end at the end of 2017, and the other will hopefully end in the Ereğli-Devrek road in six hundred and sixty days. We say: Roads are over but service love never ends in our governments. Therefore, we thank you especially to our Ministry, which is an investor institution, and to all Ministry officials. Again, there was a rhyme in our republic history, we spent 1 billion money, we couldn't finish the Bolu tunnel, but there are only 9 tunnels between Akçakoca district of Düzce and our Alaplı district. Now, tunneling was like child's play in our governments. Another expectation is Mr. Minister, Ereğli ring road, again our highway. We also demand this.


Distinguished Minister, a shipyard area was built in Zonguldak, Eregli. This was the first time thousands of people were working, of course, were affected by the world crisis, these numbers fell to the numbers 300-500. If you pay particular attention to these shipyards, we have your expectations.


We also have a Saltukova Airport in Çaycuma. Only German from Germany, Germanya Airways are coming here, in this regard in the domestic flights to the point of opening the Deputy Minister of the subject know that, so many times we have had such demands. We expect you to help.


Gene Mr. Minister, we have a fishing shelter, filled with sand inside, we are waiting for your help on this issue Alapli fishing shelter. In addition, there is a subject known to our general manager of the coastal structures and shipyards in Alaplı region and our two successive general managers: There is a study about our yacht and boat manufacturing area in Alaplı and we wish you to realize this issue.


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