Cable Car Project to Kaçkar Mountains

kackarlara ski resort
kackarlara ski resort

Rize Governor Erdoğan Bektaş said that they have completed the project of Turkey's largest cable car facility in Kaçkar Mountains National Park in order to make tourism activities in the region more active. In his statement to the journalists, Bektaş stated that the Kaçkar Mountains are a mountain range between 3 and 4 thousand altitudes, adding great value to the Eastern Black Sea Region.

Stating that Trabzon, Rize and Artvin have mountain ranges, Bektaş stated that the Kaçkar Sequence Mountains are among the priorities in the development move.

Bektas, Kaçkar Mountains noting that they gave momentum to a huge potential in tourism activities due to host the site "to activate the tourism potential of the region's Kavr We have projected in Turkey's largest ski resort. Soon, we plan to make a tender with build-operate-transfer model. Our promises and everything goes right. One of the peaks in the ropeway project will be the lakes. We will reach the four summits with four stations. We think that the project, which we think as a ski resort, will make tourism in this region active during the 12 month. Esas

Defending that the airport is one of the key concepts for the development of tourism, Bektaş said, taş With the Rize-Artvin Airport coming to the tender, it entered the line of work. 45 km between the airport and the cable car sub-station at Ayder Plateau. The ski resort is about 600 thousand tourists coming to the region to be built. In fact, the number of 600 bin for tourism is not a bad figure, although it is not the number that this land deserves. What is more important than this figure? The quality and quality of the service rather than the figures are important. The people who come have to benefit the people of the region. This ski resort, the cable car, the airport, must be all in one. You must have tourism and culture. You must be able to market and sell tourism. Tur

Bektaş emphasized that the region needs a natural development and said, “Who are we going to be rivals, to Davos and the Alps? How many years has the Alps and Davos been working? We will compare their infrastructure and our infrastructure. I hope they pass through the paths that we pass through them. '' He said.

Green road works

Bektas stating that all his efforts are to ensure that people reach their natural beauty, ulaş A project made in this context on the green road. It is a large project which starts from Samsun and continues from mountains that reach to 2500-2800 meters up to Artvin. The project was in Kavrun and Samistal Plateau. We started and continue. We're not too much of a link. We have a lot more work to raise standards. We will complete the connection in the spring and deliver it to Arhavi Artvin. Bağlantı

Bektas, Green Road work is a project that will contribute significantly to the region, touching on, said:

Uz We are really trying to meet the needs of the infrastructure as a whole and to bring the people of the mountains together. We are trying to bring together both international and foreign tourists. The Kaçkar people are enough for the Eastern Black Sea development movement, development movement, activity. It has enough potential within its own. Four seasons 12 months really nice possibility a nice potential. An opportunity given to our country, blessing. Hopefully we will evaluate it and present it to our people's service. İn

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