Happy Birthday Celebration on Tram in Bursa

Happy Holidays in Bursa on the Tram Discussion: CHP Bursa Provincial Chairman Şadi Özdemir claimed that the “Silkworm” transportation vehicle, which makes a ring on the Kent Square-Sculpture line, has been announced today. Stating that they received complaints from many citizens about this issue, Özdemir said, “While the 10 November Atatürk Commemoration ceremonies were held across the country, a provocative action was carried out on the tram carrying passengers on the Kent Square-Sculpture line at 15.00:XNUMX. What a pity that this situation happened again in Bursa. If the allegations of a celebration announcement on a day of national mourning and commemorative events are true, it is not possible to accept this disrespect. Those who disrespect the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the memory of our saint martyrs will definitely pay the price one day, ”he said.


Levent Fidansoy, General Manager of BURULAŞ, who provides transportation to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they did not receive even one of the many complaints claimed to have come to the CHP. Fidansoy stated in his research after the press release that 4 trams were working on this route at that hour and said, “We have automatic announcements on the trams and the wagons on the subway line, on the screens and with touch keys. Like 'give way to the descendants', 'Do not stand in front of the doors' and 'Happy holidays'. A driver on the tram line pressed the 'Happy Holidays' button instead of the 'give way to the disembarking passengers' button on Altıparmak Avenue at 15.30. When he noticed the incident, he immediately intervened. We launched an investigation ”.

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