Increase in public transportation in Bursa

📩 12/12/2018 18:28

The increase in public transportation in Bursa: BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has made a 15 percent increase in the quiet subway transportation fees.

The full passenger fare in Bursaray has been increased from 2 lira 25 kurus to 2 lira 60 kuruş, and the reduced passenger fare from 1.50 lira to 1 lira 85 kuruş. The people of Bursa who travel frequently with fish hoard wagons, which often fail and are hard to breathe, reacted very strongly to this hike to public transportation. The latest zamla together Bursa, one of Turkey's most expensive public transportation was done by the provinces.

Bus fares also came in Bursa!
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center Board increased the bus and Bursaray transportation fees at its meeting on October 28. The implementation of the new tariff started from this morning. With the new tariff applied, the full passenger fare in Bursaray and buses increased from 2 lira 25 kurus, 2 lira 60 kuruş, and reduced passenger fare from 1 lira 50 kuruş, 1 lira 85 kuruş. Single boarding short line card fee is 4, long line fee is 5 lira, while the monthly card is 200 lira for all groups.

According to the new tariff applied, Orhangazi-Bursa 7 lira 25 kurus, Orhangazi- Gemlik 4 lira 25 kurus, Orhangazi-Iznik 7 lira, Yenisehir Bus Station- Kestel Station 8 lira, Yenisehir Bus Terminal 9 lira, Inegol-Bursa East Transfer center 6 lira 50 penny , Inegöl-Bursa Terminal 10 lira, University-Terminal 90 kuruş, Mustafakemalpaşa Bus Terminal- Small Industrial Station 9 lira, Karacabey Bus Station- Small Industrial Station 7 was increased to TL 50.

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