Local Aircraft Production Comes Next in Bursa

bursa domestic car
bursa domestic car

In Bursa, there are domestic aircraft production: One of the most important steps taken for Bursa to be a pioneer in aviation, Aquila's 'A-211' queue number one was introduced in Bursa.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, Celal Gokcen, the parent company of B Plas Company affiliated to Gokcen Group, promoted Aquila and said that they want to make Bursa an important center for civil aviation.

Bursa, which is a brand in domestic tram and metro production, accelerates domestic production. kazanIt is also taking assertive steps in aviation with Aquila, which will The first aircraft of the Bursalı Gökçen Group, which acquired and Turkified the German Aircraft Factory Aquila, was introduced in Bursa with the tail number 'A-211'. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that they aim for Bursa, which is an exemplary city in every field, to be a pioneer in civil aviation as well.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, Yenişehir Airport, the meeting with Celal Gokcen Celal Gokcen, the top manager of the B Plas company of Gökçen Group, promoted Aquila and said they want to make Bursa an important center in civil aviation. President Altepe, local production-oriented work in the production of tram and metro in Bursa, the aviation industry is also assertive, he said. 'Space and Aviation' section will be established in Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM) and President Altepe stated that TÜBİTAK and BTSO support this investment in the Ministry of Science and Industry and said: Bilim We have taken our steps towards the beginning of the aviation sector in Bursa . We thought we should enter this sector as soon as possible to act, Bir he said.

”Aquila, now Bursa brand“

In this way, the German aircraft factory Aquila'nın Gökçen Group by the Gokcen Group, which also leads the President Altepe, ila Aquila, is now a Bursa brand. Steps are being taken to develop the existing work. Gokcen Group, in Germany, 100 more than a specialist in aerospace and automotive engineering company has added to the engineering company. They serve the companies of the world Dünya.

“We aim to make Bursa an important center in education“
He said that the Aquila brand trainer aircraft was examined by experts at TUSAŞ-Türk Aviation and Space Industry Inc., and TUSAŞ-TAI General Manager Dr. Liked by Temel Kotil kazanPresident Altepe reminded that there is a great deal of success in aviation, and said, “Steps are also being taken rapidly in aviation. This aircraft will be produced in Bursa. Bursa will become an important center in aviation and will develop further. Our goal is to make Bursa an important center for education as well. Yenişehir Airport, Yunuseli Airport and these are aimed to be an important center for aviation. There is a great need for this in the world. Bursa will be one of the most important centers of civil aviation. Our goal is to reach 100 aircraft in a short time in Bursa, and we see that we will achieve this in a short time.”

”Aviation to be promoted“

President Altepe stated that businessmen will also be encouraged in Bursa for the development of aviation, and said, “Bursa, which paves the way for aviation in Turkey and accelerates aviation. kazanIt will be an important center. We thank Celal Gökçen and B Plas for taking steps in this regard. A great distance has been covered in a short time. He made himself accepted in Germany, Europe and the world. As it has done so far, these will happen with the support of our state," he said.

President Altepe, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim also said that support on Bursa in this regard, i We will walk on our way with these supports. Bursa will be a pioneer and an example. Bursa, our country and the Gökçen Family get auspicious auspicious, 'he said.

Celal Gokcen, the Chief Executive Officer of Gokcen made a presentation about the work carried out with the acquisition of Aquila and the technical features of the 2 personality training aircraft. Aquila, which is on its way to becoming the lightest economic aircraft of the world in its class, is used for training flights in different countries of the world. Gokcen said that they are working on the dissemination of these planes which are mostly used in education. After the speeches, President Altepe, AK Party Bursa Deputy Huseyin Sahin, Yenisehir Mayor Suleyman Steel, B Plas Senior Manager Celal Gokcen and BTSO members with the Aquila training aircraft closely examined.

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