Tram to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard in Bursa

Bursa Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard tram arrives: one of the most prestigious streets of Bursa Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's 2017 will perform in the revision of the 'will' look like the image.

Project work continued embodiment of the tram lines in front applications to their incorporates all the features of modern urbanism to road cycling in urban furniture said Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, as a result of work to be done FSM Boulevard not only in Bursa announced that one of Turkey's most important streets .

The project was launched by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan "The face of FSM Boulevard is changing" and that will enable FSM Boulevard to be renewed with all its lines from A to Z and achieve the 'Champs-Elysé' appearance. The launch took place in Çınar Patisserie on FSM Boulevard; In addition to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, metropolitan bureaucrats, boulevard shopkeepers, city council representatives and technical staff attended.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, with the new arrangements to be made, FSM Boulevard 'will be similar to the image of' Champs-Elyses', he said. Currently in its current form, even to reach the real brand value as a result of the revision of the street, which is one of Bursa's attractions, and not only in Bursa, Turkey's most important to become one of the streets save the President Altepe, the sample showed the strategy followed in Republic Street this regard. President Altepe stated that the same street with the street view works of Old Cumhuriyet Street attracted the people who saw the face of the street, the street arrangement works, the paved decorative paving stones and the nostalgic tram lines taken to the service made the most beautiful photographs of Bursa. Ün Winter and autumn photos of Cumhuriyet Street. This will be the same way. FSM Boulevard will have a very different view with the arrangement of building facades, tretras, frequent parking system, walking and bicycle paths, and nostalgic tram passing through the center. Perhaps the best photos of Bursa will be removed from here. In all these works, we will use materials with materials that appeal to modern urbanism. Yap

Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Altun, who spoke at the launch and informed the participants about the technical structure of the project, said that the FSM Boulevard would be decorated with a tram passing through the center. Indicating that the tramway will remain green in the road, Altun, the project for the perfection of the project, they are working with a specialist in the field reminded. . One of the biggest troubles was the customer's parking incident, Alt said Altun. We planned this in the most practical way. How do we move the number of parking pockets to the maximum level, we have made it work. We have produced professional solutions from urban furniture to hiking paths to cycling trails, up to the quality of the type of coating Kent.

Deputy Secretary General Altun announced that the implementation phase of construction will start in 2017 if there is no mishap. According to the opinions of FSM tradesmen, they set an appropriation from the budget of the next year for the project created and they plan to pass the said allowance from the December assembly, said Altun. We will negotiate with the trades when the production will be done. If there is no setback, we will start manufacturing in 2017. Turkey is an avenue we aim to imagine, "he said.

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  1. what you need now, what will happen to the intersections there. It's going to turn traffic into another. Is there no mind in them?