BUDO Kabataş Pier closed


📩 12/12/2018 18:26

BUDO Kabataş Pier closed: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality establishment BUDO, Istanbul-KabataşThe sea bus pier in Istanbul was closed by the police last night as part of the Martı project, the construction of which started. Kabataş Passengers, who were unaware that the pier was closed, were moved to the Eminönü Pier by shuttle services.

the budo KabataşPier in Istanbul was closed last night by officials of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It was announced that the sea bus services from Istanbul to Mudanya will now be made from Eminönü-Katip Çelebi Pier.

Some passengers who do not know that the pier has been transported, for Mudanya voyages to be organized today Kabataşcame to. BUDO employees, passengers KabataşHe moved to Eminönü with the shuttle.


In the statement made on the BUDO website; “Our valued passengers BUDO-Kabataş Its pier was closed by the police of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Our flights will be arranged from Eminönü-Katip Çelebi Pier Today, our passengers who will come to Mudanya from BUDO-Eminönü Pier will be carried free of charge. Our valued passengers will not be victimized. ”


To go to Bursa Kabataş Özkan Özler, who came to his pier, said, “I came in the morning. There was nothing. Now we will go back again. We were not given any information. No information was given, neither by message nor in any other way. As a result, I bought my ticket in the morning. They didn't say anything to me when I bought the ticket. I come here from Eminönü. Now I will return to Eminönü again. What can i say. Should I say this is Istanbul? We were surprised, ”he said.

Kabataş Ceren Samikaya, who learned that the pier was closed, said, “I have learned that the pier has now closed. Neither a message nor an e-mail came to me. It takes 20 minutes for the sea bus to take off. Now I will go with the shuttle. He would not have been like this if they had informed before. ”

With the baby in her arms Kabataş Yavuz Kaya, who came to his pier, said, “I took my nephew to the hospital. I will take him to Bursa with his father, but the pier is closed. Now I will get into the service, "he said.

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