Work accident on the BTK railway construction site 1 dead

Work accident at the BTK Railway construction site 1 dead: A worker who was trapped under the concrete plant boiler at the construction site established for the construction of the railway in Kars' Arpaçay district died.

Yalçın Boy (30), who poured concrete at the construction site established by a company for the construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway in Kümbetli village, was seriously wounded by staying below the concrete batching tank mentioned as the rope was broken.

Yalçın Boy was taken to the hospital with a car in order not to lose time by being removed from the other workers.

Yalçın Boy, who was delivered to the ambulance called on the way, could not be saved at Kafkas University Health Research Hospital where he was referred after his first intervention at Kars Harakani State Hospital.

The relatives and friends of Boy, who came to the hospital after learning the situation, reacted to the company officials, claiming that the rope of the falling accident was negligent.


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