Boztepe cable car broke record

Boztepe lift broke a record: Enver Yılmaz, mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, said that the 530 cable car, which was built on 5 year ago, broke the record by carrying more than one million passengers and made a significant contribution to the development of tourism in the city. told. In order to facilitate access to Boztepe with an altitude of 2.5 in Altinordu District, the 530 ropeway with 2 booth established at 350 meters cost approximately 21 million TL. The cable car, since its inception 10 5 million passengers per year by moving scored a great record in Turkey. Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, along with the cable car has become a center of attraction Boztepe, here to attract more visitors, they also carry out adventure park work, he said. Underlining that the cable car contributes to the city tourism, President Enver Yilmaz said:

“Our cable car, which was opened in 2011, is running a record. With more than 2.5 million visitor cable car, maybe in Turkey, taking first place in the statistical sense of the numbers. We do not have a comparison to other provinces in this regard, but the numbers show this. We will turn this area into a much different center of attraction, including the landscape project and adventure park that we have taken in Boztepe and will be implemented on 65 decares. The cable car is an indispensable argument for us here. "

Emphasizing that a 5-star hotel was opened in Boztepe and that they are working as a Metropolitan Municipality to meet many social needs, Mayor Yılmaz said:
“With the opening of the 5-star hotel there, especially when supported by the adventure park and other side elements, Boztepe will be a beautiful place where our children and families, especially our children and families, will definitely feel the need to go, rather than being a place to climb and get off in minutes. All technical and ownership problems of the project have been resolved. Here, the fact that our cable car has 750 million visitors in our city with a population of 2.5 thousand and that everybody who comes to Ordu feels the need to go to Boztepe by cable car is also important for the tourism and development of our city. Hopefully, with the extra mission we will load there, the ropeway will continue to be a center of attraction in landscaping and different areas. "

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