Bozankaya Producing Vehicles of the Future

Bozankaya Manufactures Vehicles of the Future: Established as an R & D based company, but officialized it in 2015 Bozankayaoffers services to domestic and foreign customers with innovative products that it has implemented with its designs. The company attaches great importance to university-industry cooperation and carries out many joint projects with academicians.

Center: Bozankaya R & D Center
Year established: 2015
Employment: 70 people
Location: Ankara
Authorized: Bozankaya Automotive R & D Center Manager Dursun Çiçek

Future technology
Founded in Germany in the year 1989, 2003 activities in Turkey last year Bozankaya Automotive stands out from many companies with its strong R & D infrastructure. The company, which received the European Company of the Year Award in 2015, conducts R & D projects with equity and other public supports, has collaborations with companies such as Siemens, MAN and Bombardier. Bozankayaalso directs the vehicles of the future with local trams, local trambus and electric buses that are developed and produced specially for the city. Bozankaya's success in the cooperation between academics and universities within the framework of university-industry cooperation has also played a major role. In the last year, 8 has made big projects and the million dollar projects are being implemented one by one.

Origin Germany
Founded in Germany under the name BBC & C, in 1997 Bozankaya GmbH. The company began operations in Turkey in 2003 man and was the main contractor of the chassis production. At the same time, the company was established under the name Grebo, and the bus began to produce aluminum tailgate and driver's door. The group entered the energy sector in 2006 and established Umbach Energy Company in Ankara. HEPP project company, Kahramanmaraş 4 megawatt GES also established. In 2010, the Group established TCV in the technopark in Gebze and started to produce buses. TCV company, Bozankaya produced diesel and CNG buses. In 2013, electric bus production started. In 2015, rail production started. 2015 is in March BozankayaReceived the title of R & D center.

Cooperation with giants
BozankayaSince its inception Bombardier, Stadler, Neoplan, Siemens, MAN, Heitor Blick, while with global giants like Evobus and did business with many municipalities in Turkey. As domestic production, electric buses produced over 50 to date are used by domestic and foreign customers. The electric bus produced by the company can travel 250-300 kilometers in one charge depending on usage and road conditions. Related intellectual property rights of the batteries used in electric buses and the management system of the electrical system Bozankayaof 4 electric buses are in service in Konya Metropolitan Municipality and 4 electric buses in Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality. In addition, the company produces 20 electric buses for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The low-floor 19 meter trambus project of the company was supported by TUBITAK and completed in June. Since 2015 in Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Bozankaya 12 produced by the company continues to operate 25 meter trambus. Orders for these vehicles continue and 10 more trambus is being produced for Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.

University Industry Cooperation
Bozankayais working on many projects with Hacettepe University, TOBB ETU, Yıldırım Beyazıt University and Çankaya University. Finally, the company is running a project with the universities on tram alleviation. Company 1,5 During the year 12 worked on a joint project with academics in different fields. Some of the projects worked with academicians are: Electric bus, finite element design and optimization of a new trunk body and chassis under static, dynamic and collision loads, trolley ventilation system design, bogie test stand and assembly line design and prototype production.

Incentives for single roof
Evaluating the R & D Reform Package Bozankaya Automotive R & D Center Representative Dursun Cicek, the R & D center in the package required to establish the number of personnel from 30 to 15, said the condition should be well controlled. R & D can be done not for incentives but because of the activities aimed at solving a need for the public interest, Çiçek said:
Ir If these incentives are not taken under control, R & D will be made for incentives, which is very dangerous. Public resources can be wasted. Each ministry promotes its own incentive, which creates chaos. If the ministries work in coordination, more efficient results will be obtained if the incentives are distributed under a single roof. There is no inventory of the tools, equipment and test machines that the companies receive with the incentives provided. For example, instead of providing support for a 1 million-dollar test device, the method of kapsam X-firm support for the same scope two years ago için can be selected. The government needs to develop an incentive system for purchase guarantee. In addition, in the public procurement, the implementation of additional support in the legislation as a percentage of local firms in 15 will pave the way for our domestic companies. Ayrıca

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