Temporary tram arrangement at Atakent

Temporary tram arrangement in Atakent: Konak and Konak will bring a new breath to the urban transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karşıyaka The construction of tram lines is in full swing.
Expected to start trial runs at year's end Karşıyaka A temporary traffic order will be established on Monday for the ongoing production on Caher Dudayev Boulevard. Due to the rail laying works to be carried out at the intersection of 2038 Street and 6472 Street on the Boulevard, the crossings between both streets will be closed to traffic in both directions. Vehicles coming from the 2038 street will use the Atakent Junction 6472 meters ahead to pass 450 streets. The passage of vehicles coming from 6472 streets to 2038 street will be provided at the junction in front of Mavibahçe, which is 1300 meters away. Alternatively, a return can be made from 400 Street, 6500 meters away. The manufacturing works, which will start on Monday, November 7, are planned to be completed in 7 days.



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