Adana-Osmaniye high-speed train project will improve the region

Adana-Osmaniye high speed train project will develop the region: AK Party Osmaniye Deputy Mücahit Durmuşoğlu visited Adana Regional Director of Anadolu Agency Mehmet Kemal Firik.
Durmuşoğlu, who gave information about his works for Osmaniye during his visit, stated that they made attempts to increase the number of beds of the 400-bed hospital to the city to 600.
Durmuşoğlu shared the following information about the implementation of the projects required for the development of the hospital and the region:
“The Ministry of Development has allocated funds for the construction of the hospital. For the solution of Osmaniye's 50-year health problem, the number of beds should be increased. At the moment, Osmaniye has a potential. Adana-Osmaniye high-speed train tender was also held. I believe that the high speed train project will contribute greatly to the development of the region. We had a meeting with Adana Deputies General Directorate of State Railways to arrange freight and passenger train services between Adana and its districts Ceyhan, İmamoğlu and Kozan, and Osmaniye and its district Kadirli. There are export-oriented enterprises in Kadirli OSB. The train route planned to be built between our district and the city center is 35 kilometers. We have studied this, and the project work will begin. If these are brought to life, they will make a great contribution to our region. Our transition to industrial agriculture would be correct. As an example, we need to diversify and export the peanuts grown in our province. Studies are carried out for this. We also have a request for Osmaniye airport. There is room for this. The airport is our dream as a future-oriented prestige project. If this project is implemented, it will be an airport in the Osmaniye basin that will serve approximately 1 million people. ”
Durmuşoğlu stated that the Organized Industrial Zone in the city reached full occupancy rate and that they had negotiations with the Ministry of Industry for the establishment of the latter.

  • Customs Directorate will be established

Reminding that customs procedures cannot be done in Osmaniye, Durmuşoğlu continued as follows:
“You need to go to Hatay or Adana for customs procedures. A Customs Directorate will be established in our city for customs procedures. We have an annual trade volume of $ 9 million. The factory, built only with the cooperation of Tosyalı-Toyo, a Turkish-Japanese partnership, will have a trade volume of approximately $ 1 billion per year. In a place with a trade volume of approximately 2 billion dollars, import and export transactions should be done on-site. We had initiatives with the Ministry of Customs. We have come to the last stage about this. Hopefully our Customs Directorate will be established this month. ”
Stating that the world's largest historical open-air museum is in Kadirli district, Durmusoglu said the region needs an advertisement.
Durmuşoğlu, the city's historical, touristic, social and economic potential and other potentials to be moved about the efforts by conveying, said:
“Ala Mosque, which is referred to as the 'Hagia Sophia of Çukurovan' in our district, also needs to be introduced. Restoration work of the mosque was started in 2004. However, the rate should be turned into a center of attraction. There is no promenade area where 90 thousand people living in the district can breathe. We are doing the work of a picnic area. We identified the needs of our region. We will bring Osmaniye to the place it deserves. We need to come to the city position, not the district. The open air museum has a value that will make our city stand out. With the Osmaniye-Kadirli Savrun Dam Irrigation Project, the fields will be irrigated with a sprinkler-drip system. In this way, both cost will decrease and productivity will increase. We will also prevent flooding. ”

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