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📩 13/12/2018 18:28

TCDD to 120 years Machinist Training Business Training Center: TCDD Training Center located in Eskisehir, Turkey since it was established in 1896 and is given by the machinist from all over some railway staff training.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Halim Soltekin, the director of the center, stated that the center started to provide its first training in 1896, when it was established, and said that they have trained personnel, especially mechanics, for the railways for 120 years.

Stating that they provide theoretical and applied trainings, Soltekin said, “The drivers assigned to our institution with KPSS are taken into basic training. TCDD has 8 regional directorates in our country. It has many employees attached to them. These employees attend trainings at our headquarters in Eskişehir. " said.

Soltekin stated that the theoretical trainings are carried out in classroom environments and said, “We use real locomotives, wagons, control centers and simulators in applied training. We train 500 personnel annually. We train all the machinists in our country. They can be YHT machinists or trainers according to demand and special conditions. " he spoke.

Soltekin stated that they started to use simulators for the first time in their trainings in 1992, and that they reinforced the training that mechanics received theoretically in classrooms in simulators.

20 simulator will be activated next year

The center of the 6 simulator describing Soltekin, said:

“4 of them are mobile, 2 are motionless. Of these, 3 are diesel electric, 2 are electric, and 1 is YHT type. In 2017, our 20 multi-purpose table-type simulators will also be commissioned. Simulator trainings are useful. The theoretical information we provide to the trainees is reinforced with scientific training practices, simulators. We can show the trainees about technical failures, errors that can actually cause major loss of life and property. We give trainees the ability to use safe trains within the railway traffic management system. It provides the opportunity to evaluate the performances of machinist candidates through computers at objective standards. We train mechanics in a shorter time and under economic conditions than classical education that emphasizes the master-apprentice relationship. "

Soltekin, mechanics by raising the standards of knowledge and skills to make their task more conscious and efficient, said that they were able to do.

Training against possible accidents

TCDD Training Center trainer Kamil Esen also pointed out the importance of training the mechanic in the railroads and said that they provided all trainings for the mechanics at the center.

Pointing out that they brought a machinist candidate from the lowest level to the level of YHT usage, Esen said, “We also have machinist preparation courses. Each train set or mainline locomotive has training ranging from 2 to 5 weeks. " said.

Mechanic Emre Yenice, who came to Eskişehir from Malatya for training, stated that he was in Eskişehir for simulator training and that they learned train driving techniques during the trainings.

Stating that they also received trainings on accidents and road elements that may occur in the future in simulators, Yenice said, “We learn what kind of importance we can take. We see how we can act thanks to simulators in possible situations that we may experience in the future. " he spoke.

Machinist Beytullah Kurnaz, who came from Sivas, said that the training at the TCDD Training Center was efficient.

Noting that simulator trainings are very useful, Kurnaz said, “We can see the accidents and malfunctions that we may encounter in real life thanks to the simulator. Thanks to the trainings here, the financial loss of the state in the face of an accident is prevented. " made its evaluation.

Mechanic Özcan Acar, who came from Istanbul, stated that they learned to use trains more efficiently and safely thanks to the trainings and that the simulator trainings are very useful.


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