Resistance of Alarko workers in Beşiktaş metro site 10. on the day

The resistance of Alarko workers at the Beşiktaş metro site on the 10th day: The resistance started by the Alarko workers, who were working in the construction of the metro in Beşiktaş in Istanbul and who were dismissed because they could not get their wages, overtime and other rights, reached its 10th day.
The main contractor firm is Alarko Holding and the sub-contractor firm is Zorgün Construction. Resistance of workers from the Construction-Work Union continued yesterday. Workers working in the subway construction site Besiktas, the underground work that was previously an underground work reminded that the working time 10 hours, 5,5-10 hours of work, can not get overtime, insurance premiums, entry-exit records stated that the illegal and unregistered.
Workers continued their resistance yesterday. The workers who opened the banner “We will resist until we get all our rights” tried to make their voices heard. In a statement made by İnşaat-İş, “Our resistance will continue until we receive all of our rights. We would like to thank all our friends for continuing all kinds of solidarity with us during the resistance. We will win by resisting! Fight, street, resistance! Long Live Construction-Work! ” The statement said.

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