The number of deaths in India's train disaster rose to 142

In the train disaster in India, the number of dead rose to 142: On the night connecting Saturday to Uttar Pradesh province, the train that made the Patna-Indore expedition was overthrown near the city of Pukharayan at 03.10 local time, at least 90 people were killed in the accident.

Under the wreckage of the Patna-Indore passenger train, which fell from the track, the chances of being liberated in the search and rescue works were reduced, while the dead body of the 142 has so far been removed from the debris. the number of deaths is feared further.

14 wagon on the derailment of the train as a result of the 2 over the passenger is estimated to be over 1,000 passengers, the victim is trying to understand the baggage that hurt what happened to their families.



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