World's Most Exclusive and Beautiful 9 Cable Car Line

The World's Most Special and Beautiful 9 Ropeway: Between the two places that are stretched in the air, stretched on one or several steel ropes in the way the general name given to the carriage hanging stone, the name of the face, "What do you look different?" .

Then it will be easier to say; the vehicle that lifts us up again after sliding down the ski center. Yes, the correct answer: Cable car!

These engineering wonders are of course not used for this purpose. For some people there are different versions of the cable cars that have become part of the ordinary life and passion for others. Let's look at the largest 9 ropeway line in the world!

1-Intercity cable car

The cable car line fer Mi Teleferico iki, which connects the two major cities of Bolivia, La Paz and the cities of El Alto, is still in full 10. The ropeway in Bolivia, where road transportation is a bit inconvenient, relieves the transportation in these two cities. Mi Teleferico, whose main purpose is the transportation of workers, has a great place in public transportation.

2-London? A bird's eye view!

The 2012 ropeway system runs through the River Thames and allows you to see a bird's eye view of all of London. This cable car, which is the joint project of the Mayor of London and Emirates Airlines, is also the first cable car in London.

3-4765 Meter? Acrophobics out

We're not talking about a 4765 meter-long cable car line, this ski lift is climbing up a full 4765 meter from the ground. (Mount Ararat 5000m)

This cable car, named tı Teleferico de Merida ', is located in Venezuela and is also the second longest cable car in the world.

4-Open-air ski lift: Convertible

The convertible car comes to mind with a convertible. Yes, it is exactly what is called the anser Stanserhon Cabrio anser ropeway in Switzerland. The open-top cable car is the only one in the world, and at the height of the 2320, the air of the Alps is full of lungs.

5-One of the oldest, the most intense X

Mountain Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Mountain, which runs every day between 8.30-18.00, is the Table Mountain at 260 million years old. 1929 has been serving more than 20 million in this line. In addition, if your birthday, you can use the cable car free of charge that day.

6-Nam-i other Road Runner!

The X Genting Skyways km ropeway, which doubles as the speed of many other ropeways, arriving at a speed of about 13.6 mph / 22 per hour, is located in Malaysia and reveals that unique landscape of Southeast Asian forests.

7-Domestic goods, property of the country: Bursa Teleferik

It is exactly the world's longest cable car line with 9000 meters. The trip starts at an altitude of 236 m from the lowest parts of Bursa and ends at an altitude of 22 m after about 1810 minutes. This also Turkey's first cable car lifts.

1963 began to serve in the year, the 2012 in the process of renewal in the process has entered and today has taken its place among the world's most modern cable cars. Bursa Teleferik, who described his experience as a de dream journey between two beauties deneyim, deserves this praise to the very end.

8-Two crosps on a string: Vanoise Express

The Vanoise Express, which is used by the ski resorts in the Alps in France, is indispensable for skiers. The original reputation of this cable car line is 10. Julien Millot and Tancrede Melet in the celebration of the year with the rope walk between the two cable car cabin 186 meter was the result of the gap.

Cable car overlooking the 9-Rio de Jenerio

The, Sugarloaf Cable Car ”ropeway, which was built in 1912 annually and has an average 2500 visitor every day, is the third oldest ropeway in the world. Every 30 every minute, a moving wagon offers visitors a spectacular view of Rio.

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