The countdown has begun for Turkey's first driverless metro

The countdown has begun for Turkey's first driverless metro: driverless metro line will be used for the first time in Turkey, Üsküdar Sancaktepe Umraniye Çekmeköy Metro Line comes into play.

One of the most important transportation axles of Istanbul will be the Ümraniye Metro. Turkey's first driverless metro line, being the line, providing passengers with high security platform door system.

In the works of Ümraniye Metro Line located on the Anatolian side, rough construction was completed and fine workmanship was started. The electromagnetic systems in the stations, the ceilings of the suspended ceilings and tiles, as well as fine crafting have come to an end. With the new Metro line which will facilitate public transportation on the Anatolian Side, 24 from Üsküdar-Sancaktepe will be reduced to minutes.

Having the ability to park itself with automatic system, Metro uses the latest technology in the world. use and driverless metro line will be used for the first time in Turkey it provides many advantages both in terms of security. Thanks to the driverless Metro line, flexible operation can be made against the change in the number of passengers on the fly and economic and efficient operation will be provided during the peak hours. Human errors will be reduced to a minimum level and security will be increased and more punctual operation and passenger satisfaction will be ensured.

Turkey's first driverless metro system, being the line, also draws attention to the platform door system. With the new Metro line which keeps the comfort and comfort at the highest level in public transportation, it also changes the boarding system. Citizens who want to ride the car for the safety of the wagon will be placed in front of the "Peron Door" will enter the entrance. In addition, there will be obstacle detection system in front of trains and in case of any objects on the tracks, the obstacle can be detected by the detection system and the train can stop automatically.

24 thousand personnel take part in the Metro construction where the works are carried out without interruption. 3, which will play an important role in the Anatolian Side transportation, will consist of 20 kilometers 16 metro line, 2 station, warehouse and 750 thousand XNUMX meters.

The 126 will be able to transport a 65 passenger in one direction per hour and will have a passenger capacity of 2,3 million per day.

Metro line that will be integrated with Marmaray in Üsküdar, Göztepe lines in Bostancı and Ümraniye in Dudullu will connect the districts on the Anatolian side. Üsküdar Ümraniye Çekmeköy Sancaktepe Metro Line transportation systems are as follows:
At Üsküdar Station, Marmaray Line, to the European Side - the cable car line planned to be built at the Altunizade Station and the existing metrobus line - Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro Line at Çarşı Station - Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line at Dudullu Station ' na - In addition, the line will be extended to Sultanbeyli after Çekmeköy station.

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