The locomotive was hit by a concrete mixer

The locomotive hit the concrete mixer in Sivas: The train locomotive hit the concrete mixer which entered uncontrolled level in Sivas. The driver of the concrete mixer was seriously injured in the accident.

The accident occurred in the Tüdemsaş level crossing on the Turgut Özal Boulevard in Gültepe District around 09.30 yesterday. The DE 24393 plate train locomotive under the direction of the mechanic Duran Aslan, who went to Sivas Gar from Taşlıdere location, uncontrolled hit the concrete mixer with 51 TL 58 plate under the direction of Ahmet Turan Doğan (030) passing through the level crossing. In the accident, mixer driver Ahmet Turan Doğan was seriously injured. Yaralı Doğan was taken to Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty Research and Application Hospital by ambulance. After the accident, the concrete poured from the concrete mixer into the train track was cleaned by Tudemsas officers. An investigation into the accident was launched.

Last week, the Izmir-Odemis passenger passenger train, the railroad, slammed into the scoop trying to pass uncontrollably, heavy-duty operator, 2 machinist and 1 conductor 16 passenger was injured slightly.


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