The button was pressed for the cable car project in Alanya

The button is pressed for the cable car project in Alanya: Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel has pressed the button in the park next to Damlataş Municipality Guest House for the cable car project, which is counted as days for its construction, the palm trees in the areas that will be the departure point of the cable car cabins were removed, he said good luck to Alanya already.

Scoops of the Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs and the workers on duty carried out cleaning work in the area where the cable car cabins will be parked. Stating that a palm will be planted in the garden of the guesthouse, Yücel said, “The departure point of the cable car cabins will be the car parking area currently used by the Guest House and the parking area next to it. The parking lot is also being canceled. There will be another entrance and exit to the guesthouse. He said that we are removing about 10 palm trees without damaging their roots and transplanting them to another region.

Stating that they had taken the opinion of 18 public institutions and developed the project, Yücel said, “We changed the locations of the stations and pulled back 160 meters from the protected areas. In addition, we revised the 5.000-scale plans and received the opinion of the Natural Heritage Conservation Board. I would like to thank the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, for the official acceleration of the project. We finally started physical studies after a long permit and approval process. According to our estimates, the project will be finished by the middle of 2017. "Good luck to the people of Alanya and the tourism sector."

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