MOTAŞ and its drivers

MOTAŞ and its drivers sitem: MOTAŞ and some of the deficiencies of the disabled people who expressed some deficiencies in the Platform of ANKA Disabled Persons Platform Naile Altuntaş, thought to be done 'high-based buses, disabled ramp system should be implemented in all buses, expressing' drivers 'when we're getting on the bus' why welcome?' they should not look at us and make us feel it. der

MOTAŞ, disabled citizens to make life more livable to the high-based buses to start the installation of disabled ramps, although disabled citizens are quite uncomfortable from MOTAŞ buses. The implementation of the new system on all buses would be very good for them, Akçadağ Qualified Development and Social Solidarity Association (ANKA) Disabled Person Platform Naile Altuntaş, talked to our newspaper, the bus and some of the drivers revealed the shortcomings.

First of all, there is not enough disabled ramps in the buses Altuntaş, according to the density of one or two buses were put on the line.


Altuntaş said, imize We have to wait a long time because these buses work in a shift, we cannot catch up with our job when we have an urgent job. We do not know the buses of each district with a disabled ramp. The call agents are always busy and they can't answer us. We know the buses with disabled ramps on the routes that we have been going on constantly, but we do not have the buses of all routes. We also have problems with the fact that bus drivers do not use buses very carefully. The drivers suddenly push the brakes, our vehicles are slipping Ş.


Altuntaş complained about the lack of indifference of the drivers to the disabled people. Al We also have trouble with the drivers: They do not open the ramps themselves and ask the citizens to put us in the places they call us. The ramps are closing and closing. Quickly opening and closing covers also hurt the bus. Citizens have to put my car behind my back. These drivers should know and adjust, but unfortunately our drivers do not show this sensitivity. On the other hand, we are having difficulty because buses are not being full on the sidewalk. Even if a few people push our car on the bus does not enter. If the drivers are on the sidewalk regularly, it is more comfortable for us. Eğer


Altuntaş argued that the drivers should be seriously trained, un First of all, drivers need to be trained in a very serious way. 'Why did you come?' and they should not make us feel like that. The new system to be made is better if all the buses can be used in a way that we can use. If this site is implemented on all buses, do we have a 'handicapped bus' or not, or is it coming? We do not wait. Our most important request is that if this system is used by bus drivers and they will serve us properly, it will be very good for us. However, for the visually impaired, the voice system and the hearing impaired for the screen stating that we want to display the stops, "he said.

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