Mayor Altepe, Bursa

Mayor Altepe, Bursa in every field example: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, November in the ordinary council meeting, Bursa is an exemplary city in all areas, he said.

Mayor Recep Altepe, in the ordinary council meeting of November, saying that Bursa is an exemplary city in all areas, the 16. In a ceremony held in Antalya, reminded that the grand prize was given to Bursa.

Ordinary meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of Bursa and the meeting of BUSKI General Assembly were held in Metropolitan Municipality New Service Building Assembly Hall. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, made a presentation at the meeting which he gave chaired by the Metropolitan Municipality.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe indicating that the activities of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, the historical and cultural heritage in his speech said that the pioneer.

X Bursa is not a city that can be competed and it is exemplary in every field, and in all the presentations in Bursa, Bursa was shown as an example, örnek said President Altepe. 16 plateau in Bursa, said he received the grand prize. President Altepe, in his speech about transportation projects, yol Orhaneli and Mihraplı roads are being done, the main arteries are relaxing. Work is underway for the commencement of Yıldırım Metro and we want to start this line at 16. Yıldırım

Altepe, who stated that the rail system lines to be built in Bursa after this will be underground, epe T2 tram line, Istanbul Cadde and Kestel facade sanitization works are continuing. We will also open civil aviation in Bursa. 100 thousand pilots in the world needs. Planes are requested to land at Yunuseli Airport. When the work of Yunuseli Airport is completed, Bursa's civil aviation will also win. Yun

BUDO Jetty is now in Sirkeci
BUDO's pier in Istanbul moved to Sirkeci and 2 will continue to work here for the year, said President Altepe, Mudanya Pier and the work on the coast said.

Metropolitan Municipality of environmental audits of the last 2 years taken a significant distance, Görükle'ye youth center has been acquired and after the restoration of interest in the Muradiye Complex is increasing every day, said President Altepe, the new stadium will start the installation of the head part soon, he added.
President Altepe, Bursa's domestic aircraft production and domestic electronic systems, he added that the example.
When President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arrived in Bursa, he reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality opened its investments reaching approximately 780 million TL. President Altepe stated that the demolition started in Atatürk Stadium and a green area would be created to add value to Bursa without disturbing the stadium.

Description of transportation hike
Mayor Altepe reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for the works carried out in every corner of the city and said esinde We had to apply an average 11.8 raise on average. Everything is on us, we want nothing to disrupt. We are asked to pay the difference from the municipal budget to the buses, but we cannot do that bir From one end of the city to the other, the tariff at 32 km was 2,60 TL, while the transfer time 65 went from minute to minute. We call it the quality city, and we don't like to take a raise, but it is forced to raise. Living in the city has a price and you have to pay. Recep Altepe does not receive this money al UKOME decides. Formerly Kestel to Görükle 90 transfer to 3 TL was now going, with air-conditioned vehicles. It is not the joy, but the necessity to raise. We strive to provide quality service to the public. If you do not raise the city up to date also makes it soon v he said.

Istanbul Street is being evaluated
President Altepe, Istanbul Street 3 lanes and 3 strip in addition to the path of the existing road in the middle of the rail system will be implemented and this rail system line is high-capacity, he said. President Altepe, Yildirim, and Osmangazi and Nilüfer, which will extend to the main problems of the rail system works, said that the need for resources to start this work as soon as possible.

In the meeting where it was stated that there is a Light Rail System in Istanbul Street in the Transportation Master Plan, President Altepe also responded to criticisms about Doganbey. Plan Doganbey plans were made in 1991. In those plans, 800 was a person / ha, we reduced the situation to 600 person / ha. There were plans, made in 1991 yapılan There were 4400 people signed. The area was the collapse zone. We didn't put these densities. SIT area, protection plan. We are just making it a political will, we make the city beautiful and we get awards with our work. Bize

On the other hand, the metropolitan municipality and BUSKI General Directorate's budget budgets and performance budgets were transferred to the commissions of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in Bursa, taxis, minibuses, service vehicles and private public transport vehicles in the vehicle tracking system was accepted . According to this, the display devices that display the interior, back and front parts of the vehicles and record in HD quality will be mounted. At the same time, BUSKI General Assembly also announced that BUSKİ is about 2017 million 1 thousand subscribers. The Council of the Metropolitan Municipality of 200. 2 will be held on Tuesday, November at 22 at the Metropolitan Municipality New Service Building Assembly Hall.

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