Mayor Kocaoğlu Tells The Process Before The Strike

Mayor Kocaoglu Described the Process Before the Strike in İZBAN: The night before the strike in İZBAN, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that he attended to the meeting of İZBAN Board of Directors and said: The rate of increase was around 10. Dear Governor, '2 points give more' he suggested. We said 'Let 12'. However, if the 'TCDD also accepts, such a figure let's say, this strike tomorrow morning,' he spent. 15 hike rate in this way I suggested. We agreed with the Ministry. I am sincere; I went to my house that night. '8 inflation plus percent of 7 improvement does not give any institution' he said .. But despite this proposal in the morning began to strike. "

İZBAN strike because Kocaoglu citizens Chairman thanked the patience shown by the "Turkish State Railways and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality jointly run, carried out by the central government and the local governments of Turkey's first and largest project we need to get the owner's. I hope that our brothers and sisters will return to their jobs as soon as possible Um.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. He answered the questions of journalist Mehmet Karabel in the program "Yüz Yüze", which was broadcast live on Ege TV. President Kocaoğlu made important statements on many issues ranging from the İZBAN strike to the Metropolitan Case, the CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's Izmir program, his relations with the government, and whether he would be a candidate from the early election agenda.

We agree with the Minister

Mehmet Karabel İZBAN strike Kocaoglu President answered the questions related to, İZBAN employees, unions and all Ontario residents, local authorities and the government together have launched a Turkey's largest rail urged to disown the system project.

Transferring the process before the İZBAN strike, Mayor Kocaoğlu shared the following information:
“We are managing İZBAN together with TCDD and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to which it is affiliated. The company has 4 board members, 4 from Büyükşehir and 8 from TCDD. The chairman of the board changes every year. This year, the chairman of the board of directors is with a friend at TCDD. We have not intervened in the collective bargaining process from the very beginning. İZBAN A.Ş. The Board of Directors conducted this work. On Monday evening, the board of directors met once again before the strike. In fact, I attended this meeting with Selçuk Sert, who was appointed as the deputy undersecretary. The raise rate was around 10 percent. Our esteemed Governor suggested 'Give 2 more points'. We said 'get 12'. However, when I was going to the İZBAN meeting from the municipality, I thought, 'If TCDD also accepts, we will have such a number so that this strike does not happen tomorrow morning. I suggested a 15 percent raise rate in this way. Thereupon, Selcuk Bey said, 'This would be very good'. Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport called. Minister Ahmet Aslan Bey was also with him. They said 'we are in agreement'. The lawyer friend decided to meet with the union. I left and went to my house. But despite our offer, the morning strike started. "

It's not about 1.5.

The rate of increase in the salary of civil servants and workers of the state is the maximum 8, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the highest percentage of contracts awarded by 9.5 promoter underlining President Kocaoglu, "So the issue is not a matter of 1.5 percent!" He said. The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued his speech:

Edik We wanted to do this with 15 percent. İZBAN is a newly established company. They started the new job. They're starting at a certain price. In time the fees come to a certain point. So there must be a process for this. I am sincere; I went to my house that night. '% 8 inflation plus percent 7 improvement are giving' he .. Trade unionists in Izmir İZBAN example shows the example of salaries in Izmir Metro. However, the Izmir Metro 18 has been working for years. It is not possible to come to a collective agreement for the employees of İzmir Metro. If the board of directors agrees with the union, goes to the High Arbitration Board, the strike ends. We want neither our workers nor the union to suffer, nor do we want our citizens of Izmir to suffer from transportation difficulties. But one side of life strikes. You have to encounter such events. When the issue of the strike came into question, we took the necessary measures together with the companies İZULAŞ, ESHOT, İzmir Metro and İZDENİZ three days in advance. Didn't we have any disruptions? It was. Didn't our citizens suffer? Pulled. However, we had the passengers of İZBAN. This is a huge success. No one left on the road. In order to relieve the buses, I suggest that our citizens should leave the road a little earlier in the morning. Turkish State Railways and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, run jointly by the central government and local governments perform as Turkey's first and largest project we have got to go in. We were able to do so. Our colleagues working in the union, in İZBAN, and our fellow citizens should tolerate us when we have such an event and we must always carry this burden. I would like to thank my fellow citizens of Izmir for their patience. I hope we'll be at peace as soon as possible. Our working brothers also return to their jobs kardeş.

We expect the strike to end

In the question of when Karabel's strike would end, President Kocaoğlu said, in We gave it to you. The union didn't agree, he went on strike. I can't decide on that alone. I'il see my partner. If you ask me, there's no open door. I'm telling you what we're giving you. The union must agree with the 15 and negotiate other issues, conclude the collective agreement and maintain the strike. This will be in favor of both the union, our colleagues and the citizens of Izmir ız.

5 years of litigation

Mayor Kocaoğlu, who wished the case to be completed as soon as possible in the program where the last situation reached in the "Metropolitan Case" in which İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu was tried for 397 years, said, “Our case has been postponed to 27 February 2017. Thus, it has completed 5 years. The judge, prosecutor and police officers who investigated and carried out the case were suspended from membership in the terrorist organization. The court president, who entered our last hearing, stands; The remaining two judges and prosecutors also changed. It ends on February 27, not over. It is the decision of the court. I hope it will be completed ”he said. Mehmet Karabel's “What will you do if the case is not over? Are you going to write Gang 2? " Responding to the question, President Kocaoğlu said, “I will do what I have done for 5 years. I will wait. I write Gang 2 when I retire & rdq uo; gave the answer.

I'm sorry

In the program, the head of the kurum Izmir Metropolitan Municipality FETÖ operation kullanan in the press that makes a statement about the President Kocaoğlu, 26 thousand employees in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality using the ByLock 15 person in the national media to create a sensation in the name of the organization expressed sadness and worry about the name expressed brought. Mayor Kocaoglu, "I wish that every good work we do in the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, the main news on all national channels, the second third agenda item, continuous subtitle," he said.

9 President of the Izmir Governor's Office, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates from the employees, the organization's encrypted communication program found to use a list of 24 identified by the use of ByLock'un President Aziz Kocaoglu, explaining that "on the red, orange and blue coding on these names we immediately appointed Inspection Boards. 3 has been written repeatedly. He retired from 5 and resigned from 1. As a result of our medical interview with the Police Department, the number of personnel we have clarified is ai 15 ız.

We doubled our investment

In the days when Binali Yıldırım's prime ministry came into question, Karabel reminded him that olmas Binali Bey is past my heart an. “After Binali Yıldırım became the prime minister, the relations between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara accelerated. The Gulf EIA has been approved for years. Your posture has changed, or Binali Yildirim related to this promise was effective? Işt he asked. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu answered this question:

“I wouldn't have said that if I hadn't come inside. AKP chooses its Prime Minister. A servant from the AKP does not say, “I want Binali Bey ulu. We are working with Binali Bey for 12 years. He knows our Prime Minister very well, I understand. I know he knows me, he knows me, too. Izmir had accumulated problems. I've talked to her repeatedly. As a public institution, we had routine requests such as the plans of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the transfer of metro investments from the Treasury, the High Planning Agency, and the allocations. Binali Bey gave instructions. 'Let's speed up the president's business,' he said. Upon this instruction, all the ministers and bureaucrats are trying to evaluate and solve our demands. My problem is the development of the city, protecting the environment, creating a beautiful city, leave behind a pleasant sound. 2004 - 2009 1 billion pounds this number. In the third period, we have invested 950 billion 2009 million pounds so far. So we will find 2014 billion liras at the end of the term. So we have greatly increased our investment capacity. 4.5 percent of agricultural growing up in Turkey, grew by 4 in Izmir ".

I work like a candidate

Mayor Kocaoğlu also sincerely responded to the questions of ten Would you choose early? ”, Seçim Will you be a candidate for the next election? Başkan. The majority of the parliament in the parties do not think that the parties will take the country again two years later said the Mayor, whether the candidate is not important, whether the election 'continued to work' as stated, '' My candidacy does not make the Republican People's Party difficult to take elections. There are 4 million people in Izmir. I have cumulative what ores. As long as the people of Izmir, 'sind me' can be a trusted friend, can say. Our fellow citizens of Izmir have given me this position in 3 terms. We have realized many projects in the city and reached a certain potential. I want to complete our shortcomings quickly. I would like to run as a candidate and six months before the election I want to decide with inner peace. Being the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in this city, I will always be grateful and grateful. Zaman

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