AK Party Trabzon Deputy Salih Cora, Drew attention to the railway

AK Party Trabzon Deputy Salih Cora Draws Attention to the Railway: AK Party Trabzon Deputy Lawyer Salih Cora drew attention to the importance of the railway and the Southern Ring Road for Trabzon while discussing the 2017 budget of the Ministry of Transport at the Plan and Budget Commission.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey Ministry of Planning and Budget Commission budget negotiations of 2017 continues. Trabzon Deputy Lawyer Salih Cora, Member of the Plan and Budget Commission, continues to make important statements about Trabzon in the speeches she made during these meetings.


Drawing attention to the importance of the Southern Ring Road for Trabzon, Lawyer Salih Cora stated that with the completion of this road, the face of Trabzon will completely change. Cora said, “Trabzon coastal road, which is located at the crossing point of trucks that transport cargo from Europe to Kazakhstan, has become inoperable with the increase in traffic density. For this reason, the implementation of the Southern Ring Road Project, which will strengthen the international identity of our city, ease the entrance and exit of the city, pave the way for limited land use and make it a multi-centered city, is of great importance for our city. The total length of the Southern Ring Road is 31,5 kilometers. It starts from Salacık locality, 15 kilometers west of Trabzon, passes through the south of Trabzon and connects to the existing coastal road in Kaşüstü town, 10 kilometers east of Trabzon. The complete application project of this project has been approved and we wish to be included in the investment program and to be completed in the following years. " used the expressions.


Referring to the railway project announced by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, including Trabzon in Bayburt, Salih Cora said, “In the speech he gave in Bayburt last week, our Esteemed Prime Minister did not only visit Bayburt, but also Trabzon, Rize, Giresun. He talked about a project that excited him as well. Trabzon Iran's logistics center location is still up-to-date today. The Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Project, which continues to work in this direction, should be implemented. " said.


Referring to the historical speech Mustafa Kemal Atatürk made in Trabzon, Salih Cora said that the construction of the railway to Trabzon was a hundred-year-old project and said in his speech to Trabzon when Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to the city of Trabzon: It is nuhbe-i amalim to see it equipped with a beautiful dock and harbor. " Almost a hundred years have passed. We are in a very important period in terms of the fulfillment of his will and the realization of a hundred-year-old project. The fact that our Prime Minister announced this from Bayburt and that it is among the planned roads in your presentation booklet has made us extremely hopeful. At the same time, this railway will connect Trabzon Port to Batumi. We think that the Trabzon - Batumi railway project will also be a preliminary study. " made the explanation.

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  1. Railways and as a result of the railroad in my review of the earth google as a person interested in the transportation and south-east Asia and northern Europe and Oceania and Iran in the shortest transport corridors of the Persian Gulf between Scandinavia "BENDER-ABBAS" the port of Turkey's Black Sea pearl of the coast "TRABZON “I saw that it would be possible with a railway to be provided between the port. When I examined it again, I saw that there is still a railway from Bender Abbas to Nakhichevan and it is active. We also have FDI between Kars and Erzincan. All that remains is to unite Trabzon from Erzincan and cross the border over Kağızman-Tuzluca and Iğdır in Karstan to connect the road to the Nakhichevan-Yerevan-Tbilisi railway. Our Prime Minister has already told the Erzincan Trabzon line. He remained. Kars-Nakhcivan road There is no thesis from today, and trabzon-Gümüşhane-Bayburt-Kars and Iğdır MVs should be immediately on the agenda and project studies should be started. When this is true, the two sides of the world where the flow of technology and product are the most intense will come together. The connecting button of this collar will also be TRABZON GÜMÜŞHANE ERSİNCAN ERZURUM KARS AND IĞDIR. Because this project is equivalent to shortening the travel time by bending space time on a world scale. because this way the time will be reduced to almost 1/4. (The time is now close to 2 months, if this road is opened, it will decrease to 15-20 days.) This is what you call contemporary civilization. It is also a second crazy project.

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