3.havaliman returned from the disaster

📩 12/12/2018 18:21

3.At the disaster of the airport construction: 3. It was learned that a worker was injured as a result of overturning of mobile crane in airport construction.

3, which was previously brought up with job killings and the burning of a worker. In the construction of the airport, today a mobile crane in the service maintenance wash area at 16.05 was overturned.

An operator was injured as a result of the accident. It was learned that the condition of the operator who was taken to the hospital was not severe.

In the construction of the airport, which returned from a disaster during the day, a fire broke out at 19.45 in the evening. The cause of the fire, which occurred with the ignition of the table molds in the annex 3 building of Iskele, is not yet known.

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