Turkmenistan completes international railway

Turkmenistan completes the international railway: Turkmenistan is about to complete the construction of the part of the railway that connects the country to Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
Turkmenistan completes the Otamurod-Imomnazar section, which is the 88 kilometer part of the railway linking the country with its neighbors Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
According to this international railway line plan, in 2018, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan will be connected.
Turkmen state media reported on Saturday (October 8th) that President Gurbanguli Berdimuhammedov held a special meeting of the government on the completion of this international railway line work.
The authorities in Tajikistan and Afghanistan have not yet made a statement about the construction of the international railway line in their own country.
The 600 km long Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan Railway Construction started in July 2013 with a ceremony held with the participation of the leaders of the three countries in Lebap city of Turkmenistan. The international train line will pass through the Mezar-ı Şerif and Kunduz cities of Afghanistan and reach the Khatlon region of Tajikistan.
However, it is stated that the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan caused some problems in the implementation of this project.

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